5 streamers who ended up falling asleep on live-stream

There have been many streamers who have ended up sleeping on live-stream (Image Credits: REAZYt, YouTube)
There have been many streamers who have ended up sleeping on live-stream (Image Credits: REAZYt, YouTube)

There is a long list of streamers who have ended up doing the most embarrassing things in front of their fans. In the past, we have seen quite a few streamers who ended up getting banned because of their antics. Meanwhile, there are others who appeared to have broken rules but were never punished.

Considering the dynamic nature of the business, there have also been other regrettable incidents. Some streamers ended up destroying their career within seconds while others simply forgot that they were on camera. Regardless, the funniest of these incidents arose when streamers ended up sleeping on live-stream.

In this article, we look at 5 streamers who fell asleep in front of thousands of viewers!

5 streamers who fell asleep in front of their viewers on live-stream

#1 twomad

twomad’, whose real name is Muudea' Day' Sedik is a popular Overwatch streamer who streams other games such as Fortnite as well. Quite a few of his streams are of the ‘IRL’ genre, where he pranks other people and shares some of his witty experiences.

Unlike the other incidents on this list, 'twomad' actually slept on stream deliberately! His fans wanted him to do a ‘sleep-stream’, and he ended up regretting the decision entirely. For more information, you can read this article or you can watch the video below as he warns other streamers to never try such a stunt.


#2 OMGchad

In arguably the funniest incident till date, streamer Chad Johnson ended up streaming himself sleeping through no fault of his own. The Minecraft streamer, who streams other games like Sea of Thieves and Animal Crossing: New Horizons as well, was sleeping peacefully when his camera switched on all on its own!

As it turned out, the streamer’s cat was fiddling with the equipment and ended up switching on the camera. The stream went on for around ten minutes before Johnson sleepily switched it off when a friend called him to tell him what had happened. You can watch the video below. It is one of the funniest incidents related to streamers that we have ever seen.


#3 Asian Andy

Asian Andy is an American vlogger and streamer who has, in the past, posted multiple ‘sleep-streams’. The streamer is basically of the ‘IRL’ genre and regularly posts pranks and other witty content.

Asian Andy has a rather interesting persona. He often dons a ‘macho’, uber-cool character for his viewers. Regardless, as you can see below, his ‘sleep-streams’ have been very profitable.

Unlike other streamers, Asian Andy was happy with his decision to stream himself while sleeping.


#4 JesseDstreams

Although Jesse D is not a notable streamer and only has around 4.4k followers on Twitch, this is one of the most-watched clips on the platform ever. The incident has been watched almost 4 million times, and the clip is called ‘The Awakening”.

The streamer ends up sleeping in front of thousands of viewers and when he finally wakes up, he looks around dazed for the longest time before realising what had happened. In the end, he lets out a rather hilarious chuckle, as you can see in the video below.


#5 FaZe H1ghSky1

FaZe H1ghSky1, whose real name is Patrick, is the youngest member of the FaZe Clan and is no more than 14 years old. Patrick’s age, however, has little to do with his gaming skills as he is one of the most talented Fortnite players in the world.

One day, after hours of streaming, Patrick ended up passing out live in front of thousands of viewers. The incident is incredibly funny as he struggles to stay up before finally losing out to sleep.

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