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"I don't know your first name!": Valkyrae on what Corpse Husband looks like

Valkyrae recently teased Corpse Husband during a Phasmophobia stream
Valkyrae recently teased Corpse Husband during a Phasmophobia stream
Modified 18 Dec 2020, 19:06 IST

During a recent Phasmophobia stream, Rachell "Valkyrae" Hofstetter teased fellow streamer and good friend Corpse Husband, by revealing that neither does she know his first name nor what he looks like.

The duo have been lighting up YouTube with their Among Us streams lately and are known to share great camaraderie along with fellow streamers Sykkuno and Disguised Toast.

Recently, the famous quartet streamed survival horror game Phasmophobia, much to the delight of their fans online.

Apart from several spine-chilling and hilarious moments, one of the highlights came in the form of Valkyrae sharing her thoughts on what Corpse Husband looks like.

Valkyrae shares her thoughts on what Corpse Husband looks like

During their recent Phasmophobia stream, at one particular juncture, Corpse Husband ends up calling Valkyrae by her real name i.e Rachell.

"What did you say....Rachell?"

On hearing this, she feigns annoyance and comes up with a hilarious response:

"WHAT?.....Corpse I would say your first name but I don't know it!"

This incites laughter from Corpse Husband, who remarks:

"People think like all my online friends know my name too and know what I look like and they don't realize that nobody knows shit either!"

His statement is backed up by Valkyrae, who clarifies that till today, she still doesn't know what Corpse Husband looks like:

"Yeah I just , I would like to publicly say that I don't even know what Corpse looks like....I call him Corpse cause that's his username ...wait oh my God, that would be crazy, if that was his real name!"

Ever since Corpse Husband made the transition from his initial days as a Horror narrator to streaming Among Us, his popularity has witnessed an unprecedented surge.

A major factor behind his immense growth has been the wholesome camaraderie that he shares with Valkyrae, Sykkuno and Disguised Toast, so much so that there is tons of creative fan art and fan fiction online.

Be it Among Us or Phasmophobia, the internet certainly can't seem to get enough of the wholesome dynamic that the four share with one another.


When it comes to the identity of Corpse Husband, he remains as tight-lipped as ever and continues to exist as the internet's favourite mystery man.

Published 18 Dec 2020, 19:06 IST
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