"I literally cried": Corpse Husband reveals he became emotional when he sent Machine Gun Kelly his lyrics for Daywalker

Corpse Husband recently opened up on Daywalker
Corpse Husband recently opened up on Daywalker
Modified 15 Mar 2021

During a recent stream, popular YouTuber Corpse Husband revealed that he ended up crying when he sent Colson "Machine Gun Kelly" Baker his lyrics for their collaborative single "Daywalker."

The 23-year-old faceless sensation recently collaborated with Machine Gun Kelly on Daywalker, a fast-paced track replete with zany lyrics and frenetic energy.

Post the song's release, Twitter was brimming with excitement as scores of fans took to social media to shower praise upon the Corpse x MGK collab.

In just a day, the song has reportedly raked in 2.1 million streams, a number which even took Corpse Husband by surprise. He then shared a heartfelt note of gratitude for his fans.

The song is clearly of great relevance to him personally. The streamer was overwhelmed with emotions during his recent stream.

Corpse Husband shares his feelings on the release of Daywalker

Corpse Husband opened up on the journey that led to Daywalker and its effect on him in the stream. Here's what he had to say:

"It's been a big project, that's for sure. I literally cried when I sent in my verse , like actually. There's a lot of things, like behind the scenes about this song, that I want to tell you guys after it's out that I can't talk about now but there's quite the story to it "

According to a popular fan theory, besides working with one of his idols, Corpse Husband became emotional because one particular part of the song references his own life and struggles.

Image via YouTube
Image via YouTube
Image via YouTube
Image via YouTube

The line in question is a part of the second verse of the song. It reads:

"Put a gun up to my face so I'll f*cking catch a case."

The line in question refers to an incident that reportedly took place in March 2020, where Corpse Husband had a gun pulled on him.

He has spoken about this several times in the past. He profusely thanked his fans for their undying support, which he stated has been instrumental in helping him turn his life around.

In light of this revelation, his fans had some kind words in the YouTube comments section.

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Image via YouTube
mage via YouTube
mage via YouTube

Another personal reference that fans were able to spot in the song was the razorblades line, which he spoke about during a recent Q & A session.

Daywalker has done exceedingly well so far. Corpse Husband will certainly be happy to see his dream collab being received so warmly by his army of fans.

Published 15 Mar 2021
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