"I live my private life off-stream": Pokimane cracks down on 'simps' once and for all

Pokimane snaps back at obsessive fans trying to pry into her personal life (Image via Pokimane on YouTube)
Pokimane snaps back at obsessive fans trying to pry into her personal life (Image via Pokimane on YouTube)
Riddhima Pal

During a recent livestream, Pokimane snapped at obsessive fans, trying to pry into her personal life. She made it very clear that her private life and choices were not for her fans to micromanage.

This came after an obsessive fan kept creating new accounts to question her about her relationships with different popular streamers in the gaming industry.

"It’s weird and it’s obnoxious. Like, I love all of my friends dearly but please stop trying to psychoanalyze or micro-manage my friendships or relationships with others. Or asking so many weird, repetitive, obsessive questions. I live my private life off stream."

Pokimane asks viewers to refrain from prying into her personal life

Being one of the most popular streamers in the gaming industry, Pokimane shares dear relations with many other prominent streamers. Naturally, seeing glimpses of Pokimane's off-screen relationships with other streamers might be of interest to her fans.

However, some obsessive fans can take this to a whole different level, resulting in them prying into the streamer's personal life, which the streamer does not appreciate.

people have a lot of opinions on stans, but it’s undeniable that they’ve made the gaming & internet sphere more inclusive for women, lgbtq+ people, and POC. and i’m v v v grateful for that 🥲

During a recent stream, Pokimane snapped at one viewer who had been asking her obsessive questions about things she does and the relationship she shares with other streamers. Pokimane mentioned that this viewer has already been blocked several times, but to no avail, since they created another account and kept pestering her.

"You’ve made so many accounts just to ask me the most weird and random questions about my friends. ‘Have you met this person? Why aren’t you following this person? Go do this, Go do that!’ Stop it. And your account is made November 9 because I’ve banned you so many times before. Guys, if you see someone behaving this way, please tell them to stop."

The streamer's outburst was supported by many online, who believe that streamers deserve their privacy off-screen despite being public figures.

Furthermore, as Pokimane stated, what she chooses to do beyond her streaming time is completely her private business, and even the most supportive fans should refrain from crossing that boundary.

Edited by Rupak Kumar Jha
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