"I am living on borrowed time": Corpse Husband has a heartbreaking message for fans

Image via Sportskeeda
Image via Sportskeeda
Amitesh Dhar

In a recent video, Corpse Husband opened up about his current medical condition and thanked his fans for being extremely supportive.

Corpse Husband is one of the most popular personalities on the internet. This faceless YouTuber skyrocketed to popularity because of his horror story narrations.

More recently, he has been streaming Rust and Among Us. Corpse Husband has also released a few tracks on his channel, which have gained popularity.


Despite all the fame and popularity, Corpse Husband has been struggling with several health issues.

Corpse Husband's current medical condition

"Ever since my initial health problems years ago, I've kind of always felt like I'm on borrowed time. And now more than ever, I kind of like feel that way."

After an appointment with his doctors, Corpse Husband revealed to his fans that his illness is incurable. According to him, his doctor didn't want to tell him about his situation at all.

Corpse Husband is trying to push content as long as it's viable. He recently released his song Agoraphobic on Spotify and other music streaming platforms.

Corpse Husband stated that he will always appreciate what he has achieved so far on YouTube and the love he's received from the YouTube community.

He mentioned that his fans were the foundation of everything, so as long as they are there for him, he will continue to come up with content to keep them happy.

Corpse Husband also urged his fans to go out and enjoy physical activity because that's something people without physical ailments take for granted.

A couple of weeks back, Corpse Husband made a tweet that clarified his stance on quitting YouTube. He mentioned that he might have to quit in the long run; however, he wasn't quitting anything immediately.

It's great to see the support and love the community is showing him.

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