Corpse Husband talks about streaming on Twitch someday

Image via Corpse Husband
Image via Corpse Husband
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Corpse Husband has said that he would like to stream on Twitch someday, and has thought about the situation.

While playing a game of Among Us, Corpse Husband stated that he had 600,000 followers on Twitch. He said he didn't know why and it's a fair thought. He most likely only created the Twitch account so no one would steal his name, which is a common thing for trolls and greedy fans to do.

Some viewers quickly take usernames and sell them to the streamers who had the names first.


As he thought about his situation, he went back and forth with his statements.

"I might go there to... I wanna have like a chill... No, I could probably do that now."

He was contemplating it for a while. He only left that thought to mention something about the game he was playing, before going back to thinking about streaming on Twitch.

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Many streamers would jump at the chance to have an opportunity to start Twitch with 600,000 followers, but it seems like something is holding Corpse Husband back.

Now that his notoriety has increased, and he has become the go-to streamer for some, he needs to make this big decision. Moving content to Twitch would essentially cement him as a gaming streamer.

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Corpse Husband has played with many other streamers

Fans might not remember that he didn't start as a streamer. He is a horror narration YouTuber turned streamer. He has since played with multiple streaming groups, including H20 Delirious, Jacksepticeye, Disguised Toast, and a few others.

He didn't even think about streaming video games until he started playing Among Us with other popular streamers.

Sykunno is the YouTuber that he links up with most often. Corpse Husband has often opened up to him. Corpse Husband isn't the kind of gamer who makes up content or tries to go overboard because that's not really his brand, or it wasn't before. His brand developed with him.

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Corpse Husband risks revealing his face if he joins Twitch

Two other notable streamers play without showing their faces. Dream and H20 Delirious are always at risk of the camera turning on or a friend accidentally revealing their face.

In a prerecorded video, there is no risk. Corpse Husband can make sure things are safely edited. Livestreaming removes the ability to edit things out, and many viewers are constantly filming what they watch.

This is not a small decision for someone like Corpse Husband, and the apprehension is understandable.

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