"I'm gonna go all out": MrBeast wants 456 people as he recreates Squid Game in real life

MrBeast announces that he will recreate Squid Game in real life (Image via Sportskeeda)
MrBeast announces that he will recreate Squid Game in real life (Image via Sportskeeda)
Riddhima Pal

Jimmy "MrBeast" Donaldson is the latest to join the bandwagon of Squid Game, the most popular Netflix series; which has already caught the attention of many big streamers. However, in true MrBeast style, the popular streamer decided to go big with his obsession with the title. The streamer has announced that he will try to recreate Squid Game in real life.

I’m gonna go all out on this irl Squid Game video, give me a month to gather 456 random people and recreate all the sets 😭

Squid Game is the latest South Korean web series that has intrigued the world. Currently, it is the most watched Netflix show in the entire world.

In the series, 456 people from different walks of life participate in several dangerous events to win an enormous cash prize. However, losing the event results in death, which raises the stakes quite high.

MrBeast announces real life Squid Game

Jimmy Donaldson had announced his idea for a real-life Squid Game earlier, saying he would do it if his TikTok video of the same received 10 million likes. The video currently stands at over 16 million likes, and thus, MrBeast decided to go ahead with the plan as promised.

The streamer announced that he would need a month's time to recreate the sets and gather 456 random people for his re-creation of Squid Game.

It is safe to say that the streaming community is extremely excited about the possibility of a real-life Squid Game.

@MrBeast I’m ready to perish
@MrBeast Do I get to shoot people? :o
@MrBeast Hi mr beast I’m willing to die

Popular streamers Mizkif and Ludwig, however, counted themselves out of this re-enaction.

As always, LazarBeam was ready with the real questions.

@MrBeast can mrbeast get away with 455 murders

LazarBeam's question seems to be one that many in the community have echoed.

@MrBeast Are you actually going to kill the people too?
@MrBeast if we dying fr let me in

Many fans had suggestions for who should feature in the video. Many people said that it should contain more than just famous people, if the video was to remain true to the actual Squid Game; others dropped in suggestions for streamers they would like to see in the video.

@MrBeast Invite tina she already has her squid game outfit :D
@Valkyrae @MrBeast Put rae in this squid game pls

Although the video will not be exactly like the original Squid Game, since the participants will all survive (hopefully;, viewers can be sure that it will be very close to the original, since MrBeast has promised to go "all out." There is no estimated date for the release of this video, but it is likely going to be the streamer's main focus right now.

Edited by Abu Amjad Khan

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