"I'm having a hard time seeing the point": Summit1g doesn't see himself getting into Lost Ark

Twitch streamer Summit1g doesn't see the point in playing more Lost Ark (Images via Summit1g/Twitch and Lost Ark)
Twitch streamer Summit1g doesn't see the point in playing more Lost Ark (Images via Summit1g/Twitch and Lost Ark)

Lost Ark has recently launched and has won the internet over, except for perhaps Summit1g. The streamer took to the game recently, but after about nine hours of streaming the game, talked about how he felt.

Summit1g would stream it for another couple of hours, but it didn’t change the fact that, according to the man himself, he didn’t see the point of playing.

“I’m having a hard time seeing the point."

Summit1g streamed Lost Ark and had a hard time getting into the game

Summit1g has already played Lost Ark for several days now, and after hours upon hours of streaming the game, he just doesn’t seem to really enjoy it. Not every MMO clicks for everyone, but it is a genre he’s familiar with, having played World of Warcraft, among other MMOs.

The streamer further said:

"I’m having a hard time seeing myself playing this and logging in and being like 'hey, I have this to do today’ or ‘this would be fun’ or you know, I don’t know. And then it’s like, PVP, I know if I do PVP, it just, it almost feels like a minigame.”

After the clip ended, he also spoke about how he might be wrong, but that was what he felt like. Nonetheless, the streamer continued to play the game and toughed it out for the next couple of hours, and his chat talked about all of the things he hasn’t done.

One fan accused him of only wanting nostalgia and that he was not willing to learn something new. To the comment, the streamer responded by saying it was the dumbest thing he had ever heard. He further went on to say how he had learned new things for Final Fantasy XIV and Elder Scrolls Online, and loved them both, despite the fact that they weren't like Word of Warcraft.

Either way, it doesn’t seem like Summit1g is long for Lost Ark, but time will tell if he decides to dive deeper and try some of the content he has yet to do.

Further in the stream, one fan suggested that Summit1g try out 1v1s and 3v3s to 'jack up' and do 1v3s later, which would be more fun. However the streamer expressed his disinterest in that as well.

Internet responds to Summit1g’s disinterest in Lost Ark

MMOs aren’t for everyone, though Summit1g does stream them semi-regularly. His chat tried to keep him playing the game and talked about all the things he hasn’t done, but one Redditor made an excellent point about not forcing someone to play a game.

Some people simply don’t get the appeal of MMOs though and that became a talking point in the thread as well. Some would also talk about MMOs that have lost their fanbase to disinterest.

Another user talked about the streamer simply not giving the MMORPG game a fair chance as the game has only been out for the public for two days. They thought it was funny a streamer complained about a game, thought he’s a good person, but just had a negative mindset about the game.

One Redditor was confused because the streamer has actively played MMOs earlier. One comment followed up by saying they were an MMO player, but this game just didn’t work for them either.

Others chose to joke about the game’s name itself.

No matter what, it’s the streamer’s decision on what to play, and if he decides he’s not a fan of Lost Ark, he doesn’t have to play it.

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