"I am sorry for using it": Corpse Husband apologizes for saying the R-word, promises to take the video down

Corpse Husband has apologized for using the R-slur in 2017
Corpse Husband has apologized for using the R-slur in 2017
Modified 06 Mar 2021

After receiving numerous requests from fans worldwide, Corpse Husband has issued an official apology for using the R-slur in a 2017 video.

The faceless YouTuber found himself trending on Twitter recently after a clip of him saying the R-slur surfaced online.

The clip in question is from his collaboration with YouTuber MamaMax in 2017, where the duo worked on a project called "Life Sucks-Sleep."

As more of his fans started to come across the clip, they were left disappointed, requesting an apology from the 23-year old.

The fan reaction towards this revelation did not border around cancellation; instead, it was merely an attempt to get him to take accountability over the offensive word's usage.

Keeping in mind the close association that Corpse Husband shares with his fans, he soon took to Twitter to issue an official apology:

In his apology, the California native stated that the incident occurred in 2017, when he was 19 years old.

He also clarified that while he did read off an assigned script, he ultimately chose to say the word, for which he is extremely sorry.

"I was reading off a script that I did not write. However, I will take full accountability and say that I CHOSE to read it. Had I known the severity behind the word at the time, I would not have said it or chosen to do that. I am sorry for using it. I know not to use that word now and have for a while now."

In response to his sincere apology, several fans soon took to Twitter to thank him for coming forward and taking accountability for his actions.

Fans accept Corpse Husband's apology with open arms

In his apology, Corpse Husband revealed that he has also reached out to the video's creator, Mamamax, who also offered his sincerest apologies.

He ended his apology by promising to take the video down, which he hopes will put all those affected by it at ease. As of now, the video is currently unavailable on YouTube.

This situation bears a striking resemblance with what had happened back in October 2020, when Corpse Husband was called out for uttering the D-slur, which is a slang deemed highly offensive towards trans women.

Even back then, he quickly issued an apology in which he clarified his stance and extended his full support to trans women.

With his recent apology over the R-slur going viral online, several of his fans thanked him, warmly accepting his apology:

From the reactions above, it seems like Corpse Husband has once again reaffirmed his fans' adulation and respect with his quick, mature apology.

Published 06 Mar 2021
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