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"I've gone back to an ex who cheated on me": Valkyrae opens up about being in a toxic relationship

Image via Valkyrae
Image via Valkyrae
Amitesh Dhar
Modified 25 Mar 2021

In a recent stream, Rachell "Valkyrae" Hofstetter opened up about her past toxic relationship. She also spoke about going back to an ex who cheated on her.

The streamer admitted that the toxic relationship helped her grow as a person because now she knows what to avoid and how to navigate those depressing scenarios.

Toxicity in relationships is a natural phenomenon. It arises when two individuals fail to communicate their issues and instead try to enforce their beliefs on the other.

About her toxic relationship, Valkyrae said,

"If i could've gone back, I definitely wouldn't have gone back to him. But, would I be where I am today, if I never got back with him? I don't think so"

Valkyrae talks about being cheated on

Valkyrae clarified that the relationship she was talking about was from years ago, when she was in college. She mentions not having any friends because they all left for college in different states while she attended community college in her hometown.

Valkyrae said that she was lonely at the time, and her ex was the only known person around. Even though he had cheated on her, she chose to believe him because she feared losing the one connection left.


She mentioned being on-and-off with the same person for five years after the cheating incident.

However, looking at the bright side, Valkyrae said that her loneliness fueled the hard work. That's when she started uploading posts to her Instagram because social media acted as a helpful distraction.

Valkyrae noticed that her gaming posts were garnering more likes, and she slowly started making more gaming-related friends.

Soon, Valkyrae ended up streaming online because her friends wanted to watch her play. After a brief stint on Twitch, Valkyrae can now be seen streaming on YouTube.


Toxic relationships are unhealthy, but they have the capacity to teach a person a lot about themselves.

They can also help people explore different avenues, just as it happened with Valkyrae.

That does not mean it's wise to hang around in a toxic relationship. But there's always a lesson to be learned from the worst of experiences.

Published 25 Mar 2021, 15:14 IST
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