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If Twitch Tier 3 Subs were 'Joe' from Netflix show 'You': A hilarious note that's breaking the internet 

What if Joe Goldberg from Netflix
What if Joe Goldberg from Netflix's 'You' was a Tier 3 Sub?
Modified 13 Sep 2020, 17:11 IST

In today's digital age of streaming and internet culture, Twitch has emerged as one of the most popular and viable options for content creators across the globe.

The Amazon-owned platform continues to rake in stellar viewership numbers and operates on the basis of a three-tier subscription module. Each Twitch tier is priced differently with a different set of perks, ranging from badges to emotes, being offered for all those who choose to subscribe to a particular channel.

While this system allows the user to choose for themselves, the exploitation of the highest tier by toxic fans, who are commonly referred to as 'simps' or 'Tier 3 Subs', has become a major issue and a source of ridicule today.

There have been numerous instances where we've come across so-called fans donating exorbitant amounts of money on a frequent basis, to pander to the whims of their favorite Twitch e-girl.

Keeping this trend in mind, a YouTuber by the name of Birdman decided to add an interesting spin to the Twitch phenomenon, with the help of charismatic sociopath Joe Goldberg, from the popular Netflix series, You.

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Joe Goldberg x Twitch Tier 3 Subs

The complicated character of Joe Goldberg from the hit Netflix series, You, has been a constant source of debate among fans. He was played by American actor Penn Badgley, whose portrayal of a sinister and troubled individual earned plaudits from various sections of the media.

A unique feature of the show is that of an internal monologue, where the main character, Joe, can be found sharing his thoughts with the viewers.

A still from Netflix
A still from Netflix's 'You' (Image Credits: Adweek)

Birdman begins the video by saying:

Basically this guy is like a real-life version of Joe Goldberg if he were a tier-3 sub on Twitch all right.

He then proceeds to share a screengrab of the original post on Reddit, where a guy creepily confesses his attraction for an unnamed Twitch streamer:

Image Credits: Birdman/ YouTube
Image Credits: Birdman/ YouTube

From the note above, it's pretty evident that the resemblance to Joe Goldberg is uncanny.

From mentioning his previous girlfriends to displaying a stalker-like tendency, in wanting to go to the same gym to even visit the stores frequented by the Twitch streamer, this Tier 3 Sub sure seems to be a chip off the old Joe.

Birdman comments on the post by saying:

I don't know whether to be impressed or terrified by this guy's dedication , mainly a little bit of both but mainly concerned because my guy not only tracked down her exact location but then he said he was gonna apply at local businesses around her to try and hope that one day she walks in while he's at c'mmon man!
That sounds like some shit off of a movie , that literally sounds like something off of You, the show. This isn't Hollywood man this is real life, do you realize how ridiculous this sounds!
Just shoot your shot online bro, at least that way you don't come across as a serial killer because I promise you, this way you are not coming off in a good way bro !

He then proceeds to make the stage a hilarious mock conversation between this Tier 3 Sub and the Queen of Simps on Twitch- Pokimane:

oh My God Pokimane! I can't believe you just came into this random shop I'm working at . You know what's crazy ? I watch your streams on Twitch all the time, I was just wondering if I could take you out on a date sometime? I went through the effort of tracking down this location and getting this job just so that I could meet you, aren't you impressed by that?

He ends by referring to the controversial game, 'Gamer Girl' and shares a message to all those Twitch Tier 3 Subs who might be considering pulling this kind of a stunt:

It's not gonna work and it's definitely not a good idea and you definitely come across as a serial killer !

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Published 13 Sep 2020, 17:11 IST
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