Ironmouse claims she has received more hate comments after Quin69's anti-VTuber rant

Ironmouse claims she's received in an increase of hateful comments following streamer Quin69's anti-VTuber rant (Image via Sportskeeda)
Ironmouse claims she's received in an increase of hateful comments following streamer Quin69's anti-VTuber rant (Image via Sportskeeda)

The popular VTuber Ironmouse, who just recently became the most subbed-to female streamer on Twitch, claims that she has suffered an increase in hate comments in her chat after the streamer Quin69 gave a very anti-VTuber rant on stream.

The rant made by Quin69 started after he noticed he was watching a Twitch clip that had Ironmouse, VeiBae, Snuffy, and Nyanners, some of the most popular VTuber streamers on the platform, in it. Once he noticed this, he immediately started insulting them, calling them fake for using a fake voice while streaming. He said:

"F*ckin' VTubers... They put on their little VTuber avatars, and they talk in their stupid fake f*ckin' voice, laughing and pretending to be 13. F*ckin VTubers!"

His rant continued as he went on to say that the VTubers are cheating because they don't show their real faces, later implying that they purposefully create parasocial relationships with their fans. He said:

"They're just cheating! They don't even need to do anything to look good, they pretend to be 13 and put on some fake, cringe voice and just create parasocial relationships with desperate f*ckin weebs who can't get a girlfriend in real life 'cause they're f*ckin pathetic!"

Ironmouse talks about Quin69's anti-VTuber rant

Following this rant, many Twitch users who were spurred by these comments made by Quin69 took to these VTuber's streams and started leaving hateful comments. Ironmouse made some comments on her latest stream that addressed the issue, claiming that since the rant happened, she's received more hate comments. She said:

"I think somebody ranted about VTubers on stream and said a lot of negative stuff, so now because of that we're getting an influx of people being mean in my chat."

She then clarifies that this type of drama will always happen, explaining that the reason people do this is because they don't understand something, so instead of trying to learn about it, they just hate it and criticize it.

"Listen, people are always gonna talk sh*t, and people just talk sh*t about what they don't understand, and that's fine.

Ironmouse's close friend and fellow streamer CDawgVA was on the call with her at the time, and shared that sometimes people do these types of things to gain their fans' favor. He said:

"A lot of people just want to seem 'based' to their chat, so they're like, 'I'll make fun of something that I've no connection to.'"

The streamer followed CDawgVA's comments by saying that they can have their own opinion, but at the end of the day everyone on Twitch is a streamer, so there's no reason to be insulting each other for the way they stream.

"They're open to their own opinion, if that's the opinion they want to hold without knowing anybody, that's their problem. At the end of the day, we're all streamers, we just stream a different way."

Many redditors shared that this was in part due to the subreddit r/LiveStreamFail, a community that shares Twitch clips involving mostly the latest drama on the site.

With many believing that LSF is the root of this hate, it seems that Quin69 is less of the original problem maker, but more of a catalyst for people who already hold hate towards something to spew their hateful comments.

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