VTuber Ironmouse ends her subathon after 31 days and becomes the most subscribed female streamer on Twitch

The popular VTuber Ironmouse has become the most subbed-to female streamer on Twitch (Image via Sportskeeda)
The popular VTuber Ironmouse has become the most subbed-to female streamer on Twitch (Image via Sportskeeda)

After 31 days of nonstop streaming, popular VTuber Ironmouse has broken a few Twitch records, making history as the highest subbed-to female streamer on the platform.

In early February this year, she announced that she would be holding a subathon where viewers would donate money to keep the stream going, with each donation adding time to how long the stream would continue.

While she never expected to break any records, Ironmouse ended up gaining a total of 171,818 subs, the third highest number of subs ever held in the history of Twitch.

A fellow streamer who most notably held a subathon was Ludwig, breaking the record for the most subs gained in a month, previously held by Ninja.

Although the VTuber didn't surpass Ludwig's insane record of 283,066 subs, she did break the record for the highest amount of subs that a female streamer has held in a month, coming close to tripling the previous record of 73,623 held by Kkatamina.

As she ended her subathon, she gave a heartfelt speech to her audience, saying that streaming on Twitch has helped her get through her bed-ridden lifestyle and has given her more energy in life.

She has Common Variable Immune Deficiency, meaning she has to be hooked up to machines that monitor her vitals constantly, so streaming on Twitch has helped her overcome most of the loneliness she deals with while being stuck indoors.

"I've been pretty lonely my whole life, and I decided I wanted to do something with my life, and I didn't want to just fade away."

Ironmouse gives emotional speech to end subathon

Ironmouse then says that she feels more normal when streaming, and that she is thankful not just to her friends, but also to her giant supportive fanbase.

"I feel like slowly through this, I've been getting my life back and I've been getting myself back. That's thanks to everybody, and by everyone I mean you guys too."

She gave her final thanks to her friends and fans, saying that she's thankful they put up with her, while joking that she cries a lot.

"Thank you all so much for believing in me, and thank you for supporting me, thank you for sticking by me and putting up with my weird bullsh*t and putting up with me crying every five minutes."

Redditors react to Ironmouse's subathon

Reddit users reacted to the finale of the subathon, with many agreeing that even though they may not watch her streams, they are happy that such a caring person holds such an important record.

Ironmouse has been a rapidly rising personality on the internet, making her debut in 2017 on the streaming app YouNow, making her way to Twitch soon after.

She began to gain a massive following after announcing her partnership with one of the top VTuber agencies VShojo, joining other popular personalities such as Nyanners and Projekt Melody.

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