Who is Ironmouse? Exploring the VTuber's background as a trained singer after a clip of her performance gains traction

Ironmouse's live performance leaves viewers awestruck (Images via Twitch.tv/ironmouse)
Ironmouse's live performance leaves viewers awestruck (Images via Twitch.tv/ironmouse)

Ironmouse is making headlines once again after her singing in a pitch-perfect clip went viral. The female VTuber from Puerto Rico and has been streaming actively on Twitch since 2017.

Primarily known for her vibrant personality, she started off as an independent VTuber but is now a part of the VShojo agency. She also goes by the nicknames of Mousey, Satanas, and Gremlin.

What happened to Ironmouse?

Ironmouse took to becoming a VTuber because of Common Variable Immune Deficiency (CVID), a rare disorder and disease which directly attacks the immune system. Due to this condition, she is bedridden and on oxygen support 24/7.

Before she was diagnosed with CVID, she had trained to become an opera house singer. To make a long story short, she doesn't have a "normal" voice owing to a mix of MAC lung disease and a childhood virus (exacerbated by her more serious sickness) that rendered her speechless for a year.

While her "natural" voice has always been high, the voice she uses now is a bit higher, but it doesn't harm her nearly as much. She has to work hard to maintain her opera voice, which is why she only does it once or twice during a singing stream. She was training to be an opera singer before her sickness took over her life, so her range was quite astounding.

There are a few videos of hers where she is performing the opera piece Ave Maria.


Ironmouse has a very peppy and vibrant personality. She was initially hesitant and only gained confidence when streaming alone or with close friends in early 2020. She was reluctant to be among other people at first, but over the next two years, she gained confidence.

She is notorious for being easily startled and stalling before and during horror games. How, the streamer is also thrilled by the sensation of fear, which is why she enjoys playing scary games.

Where does Ironmouse stream?

Ironmouse is a Twitch partner and only streams on the purple platform, while updating her YouTube channel on a weekly basis with two to three videos. She's also active on her other social media sites, such as Instagram, Tiktok, and Twitter.

Ironmouse started her Twitch channel on September 29, 2017 but it wasn't until much later that she began to use it. She was unable to stream consistently early in her career due to health issues but currently streams three to four times a week for anywhere between two to four hours at a time.

The VTube streamer presently has 700k followers and a live viewership of around 6k to 9k every stream. With a thousand hours of streaming, her Just Chatting category is the most popular. She is the 18th-most popular Just Chatting streamer on the entire Twitch platform.

Ironmouse's YouTube account was also launched on September 29, 2017, the same day as her Twitch channel. Her debut video, however, was uploaded on February 16, 2020, when she began broadcasting. As a result, February 2020 is her "debut" month for her VTuber model.

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