"Thank you for taking me out": VTuber Ironmouse cries joyfully in an IRL stream with CDawgVA 

Ironmouse gets emotional during an IRL stream (Images via Twitch/Ironmouse)
Ironmouse gets emotional during an IRL stream (Images via Twitch/Ironmouse)

Ironmouse, a Puerto Rico-based VTuber, was joined by famous IRL streamer Connor Marc Colquhoun aka CDawgVA. Now based in Tokyo, Japan, CDawgVA is a Welsh IRL streamer known for his Tokyo streams as well as voice acting.

They both teamed up for the special IRL stream wherein CDawgVA roamed around the streets of Tokyo with Ironmouse collaborating virtually. As the stream neared an end, Ironmouse got emotional and cried with joy, thanking Connor for taking her along the trip. She exclaimed,

“It is...one of the best days ever!”

Ironmouse roams around with CDawgVA in an emotional IRL stream

VOD for the clip starts at 05:11:02 -

Ironmouse suffers from CVID (Common Variable Immune Deficiency), a rare condition that has left her bedridden and on oxygen support 24/7. Thus, this IRL stream became a very special experience for her. CDawgVA and Ironmouse streamed for five hours, roaming around the streets of Japan.

As they concluded their stream, Ironmouse went on to say that it was the best day ever, to which Connor replied:

“That’s so sweet.”

Ironmouse broke down and got emotional:

“It is one of the most fun days ever.”

Upon hearing Ironmouse's reaction, Connor said:

“Don't worry about it. It’s okay.”

He continued:

“Oh no, British man goes emotional 2022. I can’t...”

Ironmouse then said that she wasn't crying. Connor too seemed to get a bit emotional during this interaction. He said:

“I'm not, I'm not. I'm not crying.”

Before signing off, CDawgVA said that one day they would do an IRL stream for real:

“You’ll get to do it for real one day too. So that will be fun. This is a preview.”

Ironmouse agreed with him and said:

“Yeah, one day for real.”

Audience reacts to this "wholesome stream"

Fans on Reddit had a very welcoming reaction towards this interaction and gave more ideas for Ironmouse’s IRL streams.

Ironmouse, part of the famous VTuber group VShojo, presently has 700k followers and an average livestream viewership of 6k to 9k. She started to gain a lot of traction over the past month and is currently the 18th-most popular Just Chatting streamer on the entire Twitch platform.

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