Is Azur Lane still free-to-play friendly in 2023?

Is Azur Lane still F2P-worthy in 2023? An honest review (Image via Manjuu and Yongshi)
Is Azur Lane still F2P-worthy in 2023? An honest review (Image via Manjuu and Yongshi)

Launched in 2017, Azur Lane is still among the best gacha role-playing games (RPG) available in mobile gaming. The game is well-known for its vivid roster of characters and simple storyline. However, this game has also earned fame as one of the most generous gacha titles. Incredibly liberal, the game keeps sending out in-game currencies for the players, allowing them to get almost every banner that arrives.

In short, Azur Lane features side-scrolling shooter gameplay and a varied list of anime characters to play with. You will enter an alternate timeline to take part in a war. This article will provide an honest review of the game to clarify if it is still free in 2023.

Is Azur Lane still F2P-worthy in 2023? An honest review

One needs to understand the game properly before giving a verdict on whether it is still F2P-worthy or not. Well, developed by Manjuu and Yongshi, two Chinese game developers, and published by Yostar, Azur Lane has one of the best graphics and gameplay that attracts the mobile gaming community. This game is available on both digital storefronts for iOS and Android. Available in 2D anime-style graphics, this is one of the best gacha games currently available.

Throughout the game, you will be able to unlock different anime characters. You must upgrade their warships and create fleets to defeat the other players. The different types of playable modes, autoplay options, and more make the game more appealing.

Discussing the game story


The story of the game is pretty simple. It takes the players to an alternative world where humanity is fighting against a mysterious enemy, the Sirens. To save humanity, the nations of the Royal Fleet, Sakura Empire, Eagle Union, and Iron Blood came together to form an Azur Lane military alliance. These nations have also created some of the most potent female warships.

You must become a commander, leading the fleet of warships. The story unfolds through different events and campaigns. Each of them comes with its unique storyline and characters.

Discussing the gameplay


Azur Lane's gameplay is a mix of side-scrolling shooter and RPG action. You will have to customize their ships, which come with their own unique abilities, stats, and personalities. This is real-time combat action.

The ships in the Azur Lane fleet will fire at enemy targets automatically while dodging enemy attacks. However, you will be able to control the movements in the fleet, and they can also control the primary skills of the ships.

Like other gacha games like Hokai Impact 3rd, this game follows the traditional RPG model, which features a leveling system. You can level up their characters as they complete the battles and earn more experience points.

Tier lists are essential to many contemporary gacha-RPG games like Punishing Gray Raven.

Azur Lane Gacha System and Rates:

Like many other mobile gacha games, Azur Lane also follows a gacha system where you can spend your in-game currency or real money to get more new ships. This game features different levels of rarity.

The gacha rates in the game are better than in many contemporary games. Azur Lane is incredibly generous to the players, offering rarer ships in their events. These ships are known as Ultra Rare ships.

This amazing gacha game allows you to obtain the Ultra Rare and Super Rare games by completing the events and battles.

So is Azur Lane a pay-to-win gacha title?

Despite the game having a gacha system, it is hard to classify it as a pay-to-win game. No doubt, spending real money will have certain advantages in some battles, as you can get the best ships from gacha. However, as the game often offers many opportunities to get the Ultra Rare and Super Rare ships from their events, spending real money to buy certain ships does not become crucial to progressing in the game.

So is Azur Lane free-to-play worthy in 2023?


This is a free-to-play friendly game that has a lot of game modes and events available for the players. Besides, there are plenty of other ways to gain rare characters and other items without buying real money.

This game offers different game modes and events that help you to get the best ships from the gacha without spending a dime. The gamer’s community of Azur Lane is still active in 2023, and they are accommodating as well.

Any free player will always get the chance to get some in-game outfits for the characters, as some missions in the game help players earn premium currencies that will help them buy these outfits.

So, Azur Lane will still be one of the best free-to-play gacha games in 2023 for anime-inspired mobile game enthusiasts. Despite specific problems, this 2017 release is still a favorite among fans. Besides, the free giveaways also compensate for many of the game's flaws. Try Azur Lane on your mobile device now.

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