Is the EA FC 24 Radioactive Gamma Pack worth it?

The latest store pack is now live in EA FC 24 (Images via EA Sports)
The latest store pack is now live in EA FC 24 (Images via EA Sports)

The Radioactive promo is now in full swing in EA FC 24 Ultimate Team, with EA Sports introducing a new special pack in the store, aptly titled the Radioactive Gamma pack. This is one of the most impressive and enticing packs added to the game in recent memory, offering high odds of yielding a promo card while guaranteeing some high-rated fodder players.

These special packs have become somewhat of a common occurrence in the world of Ultimate Team, with each new promo featuring several Store packs worth more than 2,000 FC Points and appealing to fans by offering exciting pack probability ranges.

The latest Radioactive promo is no different, with the Radioactive Gamma pack being introduced on the very first day of the event.

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The Radioactive Gamma pack is now available in EA FC 24 Ultimate Team

Radioactive players are some of the most sought-after items in EA FC 24 Ultimate Team at the moment. Not only does the roster feature boosted versions of players like Lionel Messi, Federico Valverde, and Karim Benzema, but they also offer additional chemistry boosts by counting for two players when it comes to nation, club, and league chemistry points. This adds to the appeal of the Radioactive Gamma Pack.

This is the most valuable pack added to the Store on the first day of the event, costing 2,000 FC Points or 300,000 coins. While this is certainly not a small sum by any margin, fans are still debating whether they should spend their in-game currency or indulge in microtransactions to test their luck.

What does the Radioactive Gamma pack include in EA FC 24 Ultimate Team?


The pack includes 60 rare gold players, all with an overall rating of 81 or higher, with two guaranteed to be higher than 87. It also consists of three Radioactive loan player picks. All items are untradeable, and the loans are for 10 games each. These are the specific pack probabilities offered by the pack in various categories:

  • Gold 75+ player: 100%
  • Gold 82+ player: 100%
  • Gold 90+ player: 16%
  • Radioactive player: 34%

These are some of the best odds on offer when compared to the other packs available in the Ultimate Team store at the moment.

Is it worth buying the Radioactive Gamma Pack in EA FC 24 Ultimate Team?


With a 34% chance of potentially packing promo versions of players like Messi, Benzema, Kante, and Valverde, the pack is certainly intriguing for gamers looking to upgrade their squads. However, similar to most expensive store packs, it is not worth purchasing with coins.

On the other hand, gamers willing to indulge in microtransactions can opt to spend money and open this pack to test their luck.

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