Is Fall Guys the next Fortnite? SypherPK reacts

Fall Guys is dominating the gaming scene! (Image Credits:
Fall Guys is dominating the gaming scene! (Image Credits:

Mediatonic's Fall Guys has burst on the gaming scene like an unstoppable behemoth.

In less than ten days since its official launch, the game has steadily climbed to the top of the charts and is undoubtedly ruling the roost in terms of being a fun, fresh and enjoyable game.

Moreover, the game has been getting rave reviews from professions gamers and has had several prominent streamers trying their hands at the game of late.

One such streamer who hopped onto the Fall Guys bandwagon is SypherPK, who recently released a video on the game.

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SypherPK reacts to Fall Guys

Ali Hassan, aka SypherPK, is one of the most popular streamers, known primarily for his Fortnite streams, replete with educational commentary. However, of late, he has begun to stream Fortnite less as he focuses on streaming a variety of games such as Warzone, Halo etc.

He also tried his game recently at Fall Guys, which appears to have completely won him over:

In his latest video, SypherPK begins by saying:

Today we're checking out Fall Guys, that's gonna take over the Battle Royale universe because it is amazing okay? So stay tuned cause this thing is taking over, everyone's talking about it, everyone's playing it

Sypher initially laments at the fact that he's starting at the back, which he calls 'BS', and then begins his trademark educational commentary, replete with frantic cries of Jump, Spin and Run:

First round is usually an easy round, a lot of people qualify, if you don't qualify like these losers, that's just on you alright, you just gotta practice more

In the second round- Tail Grab, Sypher continues:

The tactic in all these team modes is just to focus on the team that's in last first the entire game may seem random, but it comes down to a little bit of luck and a little bit of timing

In another round called Moving Walls, Sypher comments on how some play 'dirty' and hilariously says:

Don't let people manhandle you, you can grab people in this game, they start grabbing you, you grab them back!

In the final round called Fall Mountain, Sypher goes on to lose and states alarmingly, while also throwing shade at the winner:

Guys, this educational commentary just took a twist cause I've never played this one before!
Sometimes you're gonna get screwed over by an unskillful, untalented guy like this one over here, he does not deserve this win!

SypherPK then announces that he has a recording of a game that he actually won, and proceeds to show the highlight of a game of Hexagon, where on finally winning, he cries out in happiness:

I'm the victor! Oh my God, my heart's racing...I'm the champion!


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Is Fall Guys the new Fortnite?

SypherPK's energy levels went through the roof while playing Fall Guys, which was heartening for viewers to see.

Moreover, apart from SypherPK, several other eminent streamers like NICKMERCS, Tfue, Lachlan etc. have started streaming the game, which is on an unprecedented run.

Check out some of the reactions online:

As evident from the tweets above, there is no doubt regarding the immense popularity that Fall Guys currently enjoys.

While it is still relatively early to label the game the next Fortnite, Epic Games needs to be on their guard and come up with something path-breaking soon to ensure that Fortnite survives the Fall Guys juggernaut.

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