Is Genshin Impact on Xbox?

Genshin Impact's release on Xbox is still uncertain
Genshin Impact's release on Xbox is still uncertain

Genshin Impact is a popular open-world action RPG available for free, but its Xbox port is still uncertain.

Genshin Impact was released for free on 28th september 2020, across all major platforms including PC, Android, iOS and PS4. Later, the game developer, miHoYo, also promised to bring the game to Nintendo Switch, but till date, there has been no word from them regarding its appearance on Xbox.

Is Genshin Impact available to play on Xbox?

No, Genshin Impact is not available to play on Xbox. Genshin Impact boasts over 10 million+ downloads in the Play Store alone. If PC, iOS and PlayStation users are to be included, this game must surely have a massive following. Genshin Impact has been the most tweeted about video game for 2021 till date, surpassing Animal Crossing, which held the crown last year.

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The Chinese game developer, miHoYo, which released the game, originally promised to expand its availability across all consoles. But according to recent statements by some developers to Twinfinite, they currently have no plans to bring the game to Xbox anytime soon. In April, MiHoYo announced the game's launch on the next-gen Sony console - the PlayStation 5.

Both the next-gen consoles, PS5 and Xbox Series X, were released at the same time, providing massive upgrades over their previous generations. Considering this fact, there should not be any questions regarding performance issues with the game. The expansion of Genshin Impact on PS5 raises the question as to why the same wasn't done with Xbox.

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Thinking of the reasons, miHoYo may have some exclusive deals with Sony or the game may be having optimisation issues with Xbox. Xbox's popularity in the East has also been receding, but with the recent acquisition of Bethesda by Microsoft, the portfolio of Xbox is now more diverse.

In conclusion, it is still concealed why Genshin Impact is being withheld from Xbox. The fact that the game is not that demanding and is available on all other platforms makes it inexplicable.

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