Is Life is Strange: Remastered worth purchasing in 2022?

Life is Strange remastered comes with several graphical enhancements (Image via Square Enix)
Life is Strange remastered comes with several graphical enhancements (Image via Square Enix)

Life is Strange has come out with a Remastered collection promised by Square Enix to upgrade the graphical ability of the games massively.

The original Life is Strange came out in 2015, and fans fell in love with the episodic sagas. A prequel followed it, Before the Storm, both of which have been bundled into one in their remastered versions.

The Remastered collection is available across all major platforms, including the next generation of consoles.


Square Enix has pushed the Remastered collection as brand new games. It's even available with the Life is Strange: True Colors Ultimate bundle. But the big question that arises in light of everything is - is the Remastered collection worth it?

Life is Strange was initially released nearly eight years ago, so do the remastered versions have enough upgrades considering the current time?

Life is Strange Remastered Collection is mixed at best


While Square Enix has pushed the Remastered collection as a new game, it's not. So there are no significant changes to the stories, and the upgrades are in the graphics department.

Life is Strange's graphics at the time of its release were not artwork as such. But there was a charm to the game that helped it stand out. But considering the world is in 2022, there was a need for enhancements, at least for the first game.

In certain senses, graphical upgrades work well. There is a stark improvement in the overall lighting that helps players enjoy the game more. The facial models and hairstyles look better than the original ones, but there are some negatives.

For some strange reason, the original Life is Strange had both MSAA and FXAA, but that's not the case with the Remastered collection. There have also been reports of bugs when players have been using the time rewind ability of Max.

The Before the Storm had lesser needs of a remaster, given that the prequel was released more recently. Graphical enhancements are much less prominent here, but players will notice the differences. Like Life is Strange, Before the Storm has also undergone specific facial and textural changes.

Is Life is Strange Remastered collection worth it?


The answer depends on the experience of the player. If the player hasn't played Life is Strange, the Remastered collection is worth it. The Remastered collection looks better than the original, as it should. Life is Strange's story makes the game worth it for those who have never played the game.

However, there are not enough extra elements that will encourage players to get the Remastered collection if they have played the game earlier. The graphical enhancements of Before the Storm are especially not very prominent, and at the price of $39.99, it doesn't make too much sense.

However, verdicts might change in the future based on what extra work Square Enix puts in to flush out the problems.