Is Mona a good Genshin Impact character?

Mona is a powerful 5-star character that some players may be overlooking (Image via TKhan1, DeviantArt)
Mona is a powerful 5-star character that some players may be overlooking (Image via TKhan1, DeviantArt)
Tariq Hassan

Genshin Impact has an extensive roster of 5-star characters, and some are overlooked more than others. Many players may have gotten Mona after losing the 50/50 on a featured banner.

Mona can be a powerful support character for a Genshin Impact team. Players should try her if they want to use a unique support character who can significantly amplify their damage.

Genshin Impact: How to use Mona for best results


Mona can be underrated due to her kit not being the flashiest, but she is key to some of the highest damage numbers in Genshin Impact. Her kit lends very well to supporting the strongest Pyro DPS characters in the game, making her an excellent support for characters like Klee or Hu Tao.

Gamers can utilize Mona in various situations, and her Elemental Burst can output a massive amount of damage.

Mona's Elemental Burst

Her Elemental Burst is known as Stellaris Phantasm and can provide an insane amount of damage to a Genshin Impact team. Here's how it works:

  • Upon casting her Burst, Mona will create a large AOE that immobilizes smaller enemies in an Illusory Bubble and applies the Omen status to them.
  • Illusory Bubble: Traps smaller enemies inside a floating bubble and applies the Wet status to them. When an opponent inside of an Illusory Bubble takes damage, the Omen status takes effect and pops the bubble, releasing the enemy.
  • Omen status: Increases damage taken by opponents during its duration, this also affects the attack that pops the bubble.

While these effects may seem lengthy, in reality, the majority of her Burst effect comes from the Omen status. It increases the damage that enemies take from Mona's teammates by 42% at level 1, up to 60% at level 10. This is a huge damage boost, and players can utilize this to hit incredibly high numbers on reactions like Vaporize.

Mona synergies in Genshin Impact

Mona works very well with characters like Bennett and Sucrose for those trying to deal massive damage numbers for achievements or screenshots. In a normal team, she fits very well with characters like Ganyu or Ayaka to maximize the damage she provides through freezing.


Users shouldn't overlook Mona, as she is a powerhouse. Anyone losing their 50/50 to Mona should try to fit her in their team.

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