Is the Requiem Revengeance Stance available in Halo Infinite?

This is one of many stances linked to the campaign. (Image via Microsoft)
This is one of many stances linked to the campaign. (Image via Microsoft)

Requiem Revengeance is one of the many multiplayer cosmetics that are linked to the multiplayer in Halo Infinite. This legendary stance is another iconic stance from Master Chief himself, but it's been eluding players since they found it in the customization menu.

According to the description of the Requiem Revengeance stance in the multiplayer, the collectible is obtained from the Halo Infinite campaign. The stance has been missing, however, even for players who have completed everything within the campaign.

There are theories on how the legendary Requiem Revengeance stance can be earned, but there is no way to confirm them all as of yet.

Is it possible to earn the Requiem Revengeance stance in Halo Infinite?


In the current state of Halo Infinite, no one is able to unlock the Requiem Revengeance stance. Many players believe that the way to earn the stance was by completing the main story on the hardest legendary difficulty which would send a reward to them.

Another stance that is in the same situation is the Act of Genesis which is also tied to the campaign.

For every other cosmetic linked to the campaign in Halo Infinite, players are supposed to be able to explore the Zeta Halo Ring and collect those cosmetic rewards.

They are all found in Mjolnir Armor Lockers which are marked by armory symbols on the map. Taking over any FOB will reveal the lockers within a given area.

Despite how this mechanic works, many players have already discovered and unlocked all of the Mjolnir Armor Lockers. The Requiem Revengeance stance is also missing from these lockers, which has left many confused on the subject.

Theories for the Requiem Revengeance stance in Halo Infinite

Another stance that is unavailable. (Image via Microsoft)
Another stance that is unavailable. (Image via Microsoft)

Completing the campaign on legendary or earning every achievement were both suggestions for earning the Requiem Revengeance stance in Halo Infinite, but neither have worked.

The only other way to collect cosmetics that can't be earned is when they are locked behind a paywall.

Hopefully that is not the case for these legendary stances, but one more theory is that they will be released alongside the co-op campaign feature. Co-op is expected to arrive with Season 2 of Halo Infinite sometime in May of 2022.

The next season is certainly far out, but with any luck, the stances will be available soon.

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