Is Spider-Man Remastered PC worth it at full price?

Spider-Man Remastered has been listed at $59.99 for PC (Image via PlayStation)
Spider-Man Remastered has been listed at $59.99 for PC (Image via PlayStation)

Since the news of Spider-Man Remastered appearing on PCs was announced, fans have been incredibly excited. With the game's release scheduled for August 12, more vital information has been disclosed by Insomniac Games, with its price being one of them.

There are no doubts about its overall quality, as the release has been a hit in the series. However, with that being said, a significant question arises - is it worth it at its full price?


Originally released on PS4 in 2018, Spider-Man Remastered has received several upgrades across the base game. In addition, the increased hardware capabilities of PCs and the PS5 have allowed Insomniac Games to bring new features like Ray Tracing, further enhancing its looks.

However, it's not just the looks that shine, as it's an excellent overall game set to make its PC debut. However, assessing the quality at the price it's being offered will help determine its worthiness.

Spider-Man Remastered comes in August on PCs and will be available on different platforms

The title has been made available on both the Epic Games Store and Steam for $59.99. This will raise certain question marks as there seems to be no major reduction in the price.

Spider-Man Remastered also follows the same story there was in the original release.

However, the word Remastered stands for several upgrades that have been made. As mentioned above, graphics are one central area where the game has a noticeable difference.

The first prominent feature that will be noticeable is the Ray Tracing available on PCs. Unfortunately, the feature will be available only on high-end devices, which could be disappointing for many.


What will be accessible to more players on PCs are DLAA and Nvidia DLSS. In addition, they will get full ultrawide screens with screen sizes of 21:9 panoramic and 32:9 Nvidia Surround multi-monitor setups.

While users can play with wireless controllers and enjoy the haptic feedback, keyboard and mouse support will also be enabled.

Insomniac Games has promised that there won't be any limitations and will be a completely different experience altogether. Additionally, the title will come with cloud save support on Steam and Epic Games Store.


Pre-ordering Spider-Man Remastered comes with different perks and added goodies, including three custom suits. Gamers will also get five extra skill points and an early unlock of the Spider-Drone combat gadget.


There have never been doubts about the story and action sequences which are there in plenty in the game. In addition, players will encounter some iconic villains from the Spiderverse as they swing from one building to another.

The graphical upgrades look stunning at first glance, and the clear effects of the Remastered version are quite visible. While the target performance will differ from one system to another, the overall capabilities have been increased.

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While the full price does feel a bit steep, there's a strong case to be made for purchasing the title. For many, this will be the first time playing it without owning a PlayStation console.

Additionally, there has undoubtedly been new work that has been done on the game. Whether someone's PC can support it will depend on the available hardware.

Whether or not someone is a loyal fan, Spider-Man Remastered looks stunning on paper. It packs the iconic content with graphical upgrades to make it catch up to the time. While the price could have been lower, it's still well worth it.

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