Is Tiny Tina's Wonderlands worth revisiting in July 2022?

The latest entry in Gearbox's Borderlands series has been received less positively than the previous entries (Image via 2K Games)
The latest entry in Gearbox's Borderlands series has been received less positively than the previous entries (Image via 2K Games)
Siddharth Patil

It has been over three months since Tiny Tina's Wonderlands launched for consoles and PC (via the Epic Games Store). The latest adventure from Gearbox Software takes players back to the fantasy realm of Bunkers and Badasses (BnB).

It was first introduced in Borderlands 2's DLC expansion titled Tiny Tina's Assault on Dragon Keep.

The FPS/RPG title arrived on Steam last month, much to fan excitement. But whether it's a new user or someone tagging along since day one, the question arises: is the game worth picking up at this point?

What is the status of Tiny Tina's Wonderlands right now?

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The game has mostly been well received. However, fans have expressed disappointment at how Gearbox has handled support for it, especially regarding endgame and DLC content. For one, Tiny Tina's Wonderlands is cited as somewhat repetitive, lacking the charm of Borderlands 2, arguably the best entry in the series.

The content has also been admittedly lackluster. Previous titles, including the controversial Borderlands 3, featured ample amounts of gameplay post-base game credits to keep users engaged, especially story campaigns.

In comparison, the new fantasy adventure has Mirrors of Mystery. These are short but replayable arenas featuring waves of enemies that can drop collectibles, a type of currency.

Said currency can be turned in for loot at the end of the run, but that is about it. Fans have argued that these could have been free content drops instead of paid as they are barely different from Seasonal Events from Borderlands 3.

The Chaos Chamber is also not satisfactory enough compared to the endgame of previous entries. But that does not mean it is a bad game.

Is Tiny Tina's Wonderlands worth picking up?

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In one word: yes. However, that suggestion is geared more towards the franchise's core fans. Minor changes and a few new introductions aside, Tiny Tina's Wonderlands is similar to Borderlands 3 from a mechanical perspective since it uses the same engine.

The narrative is also a step up from the mess of the third main installment, even though it may not reach the heights of Borderlands 2.

More casual fans might want to wait till all DLC is here. After all, the fourth Mirrors of Mystery will drop later this year alongside a brand new class: the Blightcaller. It does what it sets out as a spin-off and is worth a pickup on sale.

What is Tiny tina's Wonderlands about?


A brand new BnB session with Tina and friends, this game combines familiar Borderlands gameplay with a fantasy vision. With the threat of the Dragon lord looming overhead, gamers must create their custom Fatemaker avatar and defeat evil.

For the first time, fans can customize their characters freely, while previous entries had pre-defined Vault Hunters with personalities.

The new Multiclass feature allows for combining two different classes and utilizing their respective skill trees for unique playstyle combinations. Combat will feel familiar to longtime fans as the core gameplay loop of defeating enemies for shinier and better loot is retained.

Throw in the iconic Borderlands humor, varied loot types, and co-op replayability, and Tiny Tina's Wonderlands is a worthy entry in the Borderlands franchise.

Note: This article is subjective and reflects the author's opinion.

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