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Is Valorant coming to consoles soon?

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Dipanjan Dey
Modified 22 Sep 2020, 20:00 IST

The unprecedented rise of Valorant can be matched only by its popularity. The game instantly became a sensation after the beta version was released. This not only allowed players to experience FPS shooter games in a different light, but also gave them a break from games like CS: GO and Overwatch. 

With the rampant rise of Valorant, it is logical to predict that it will be available on consoles at some point. The next-generational gaming experience has set the whole community abuzz.

PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X are locked in a constant tussle for supremacy. The console war has revealed that both of these devices have the potential to have a game like Valorant.

Will Valorant see a console edition soon?

Valorant fans have been wondering whether the game is going to come to the console in the near future. Riot Games has remained pretty tight-lipped about the entire scenario. The developers did say that there was a prototype that they are working on. Although they wouldn't commit to it until it can recreate the same hype that it did on PC. 


Valorant is a game with peekers advantage, which means the first one to peek has a significant advantage over the other. Subsequently, it's an FPS shooter, which means aiming is a quintessential quality that a player needs. Imagine if the same game is shifted to console where both jiggle peeking and aiming have an advantage.

Consoles and controllers have a principal boost when it comes to Aim Assist. Similarly, it's easier to jiggle peek with a joystick than on the keyboard. Anna Donlon mentioned in several interviews that the game might see a future rendition on console, but it might not have the same dynamics.

The developers want to make it a perfect replica of the PC version


The devs' concern starts partially from recreating the same experience. It is because of the competitive nature of the game. PC players have much more challenging rounds than what controller players would. 

This is because players need to keep several aspects in mind while they are playing on a PC. Thus, there is a gulf of class between the skill caps.

It can be said that Riot Games do not want to risk tarnishing the good name of Valorant by rushing to consoles. They want the Valorant experience to be as authentic as it is on PC. Hence, they are willing to take their time with it.

Published 22 Sep 2020, 19:53 IST
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