"It is content": xQc explains why taking the Olympics committee to court will make for good "content"

xQc thinks that counter-claim is good for content (Image via xQcOW clips)
xQc thinks that counter-claim is good for content (Image via xQcOW clips)
Nakul Ahuja

Just hours after confirming that he will contest the DMCA strike that earned him a ban from Twitch, Felix xQc Lengyel revealed the reason behind it.

"It's content," he said during one of his recent streams, implying that he doesn't plan on slowing down.

xQc is one of the most notorious streamers on the internet right now and has been involved in a fair share of controversies.

The Canadian streamer landed himself in turbulent waters yet again after broadcasting snippets from the Olympic games on his Twitch channel. This resulted in a DMCA strike which ultimately led to a ban, something that is rather unusual.


Returning to the platform after an unwilling hiatus, xQc revealed that instead of accepting the strike, he and his legal team will file a DMCA counter-claim to have the strike dismissed.

xQc suggests "court and all that is an experience"

Although xQc believes that he has enough to dispute the action, he revealed how it could go crazy and cost him millions. On the slip side, the variety streamer feels it's good for content and is an experience.

This is what he said on the subject:

"I said, does it sound like content? And they were like, yeah, let's do it. That's how we went with it. It is what it is. It is content. I told them, worst case scenario...court and all this is experience at least. And I probably wouldn't get sued in any other ways or whatever and you know what, its an experience."

Having gleaned from the current scenario, it seems xQc is pretty adamant about the entire situation. Interestingly, he feels that his move is a fair use of power and has enough legs to stand on.

While his fans don't know how it will play out, it's bound to cost him millions, as suggested by his legal team.

xQc's lawyer states how the counter-claim will cost a million

In the same stream, xQc broke into hysterical laughter and revealed how the case could cost him a fortune if it went forward.


The former Overwatch pro was really disgruntled by the two-day ban imposed on him and after consulting with his legal team, a counter-claim was decided upon.

Resolving the issue might take a while, but knowing xQc, the experience is bound to be hilarious and controversial at the same time.

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