"It's about the player's choice": Stellar Blade director talks about the game's endings

Which is the canon ending of Stellar Blade (Image via Sony)
What is the canon ending of Stellar Blade (Image via Sony)

Stellar Blade has become one of the most acclaimed ARPGs of the year. However, it has been through several ups and downs through its journey. At the launch, censorship in Stellar Blade became an issue, as many claimed it to be “problematic” due to its art style and certain set pieces. But the devs remained reluctant to bring any kind of censorship to their game.

Another issue that surfaced is related to its ending. Stellar Blade features multiple endings and many of them are open-ended with some even concluding with a cliffhanger. The players have argued intensely about which of these is the canon that will be carried over to a potential ending.

Initially, the devs had made no comments on the issue but recently, in an interview, they came forward with their opinions and perspectives on the ending of Stellar Blade. In the interview, they stated:

“It’s not about one ending being more correct than the others; it’s about the player’s choice.”

According to the devs, it’s difficult to point out which ending is the correct one or canon since each ending holds significance and meaning. The way a player may have interpreted the story of Stellar Blade could have been different from the creators' perspective. That is why to give every player a choice to validate their interpretation, there are multiple endings available in the game.

Fan perspective on the endings (Image via Reddit)
Fan perspective on the endings (Image via Reddit)

These statements ignited raging discussions on the internet. Many shared their opinion about which endings of Stellar Blade should be the canon on the official subreddit of Stellar Blade. As said by ValentineX in the thread, all endings of Stellar are valid and pave a path for a sequel.

Will there be a Stellar Blade 2?

Will there be a sequel? (Image via Sony)
Will there be a sequel? (Image via Sony)

So far there is no official confirmation about a Stellar Blade 2. However, the devs are down for a second game, and maybe more in the future. However, making a second game in the Stellar Blade franchise would be quite a challenge because of the open-ended nature of the story. It would be very interesting to see which path they take story-wise, if they ever decide to make a sequel.

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