How long does it take to beat It Takes Two

Image via Hazelight Studios
Image via Hazelight Studios

It Takes Two is a new co-op multiplayer game developed by Hazelight Studios. As per reports from IGN and NME, players need approximately 16-20 hours to reach the end of the game.

It Takes Two has a very Toy Story-like feel to it. Even the animations feel like they're straight out of a Pixar movie. Although the ending is somewhat predictable, the immersive gameplay experience that It Takes Two has to offer is something that makes the game so attractive.

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How long do players need to complete It Takes Two?


As mentioned before, players need around 16-20 hours to beat It Takes Two. As the name suggests, It Takes Two is a co-op multiplayer that requires only two players. Although the 16 to 20-hour run time is difficult, given that only two players can play it from start to finish, it's worth the experience.

Published under the EA Originals banner, It Takes Two takes its players through nine different worlds in an attempt to save the marriage of Cody and Mae, the main protagonists of the game.

The entire story revolves around Cody, Mae, and their daughter Rose. Cody and Mae's marriage hit a troubled patch, and the couple considers getting a divorce.

The idea of divorce doesn't sit well with Rose, and she begins crying over the clay doll personas of her parents. Her tears land on these dolls, and by some magical power, Cody and Mae get transformed into those clay dolls. The couple must now work together to find normalcy and save their marriage.


Having said that, there's a high chance that the predictable storyline may make the gameplay boring, but the intense visuals and the in-game puzzles ensure that everyone has a good time playing the game. Also, the forever-evolving gameplay makes up for the predictive storyline.

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Overall, it may take a good few hours to beat It Takes Two, but every single hour spent in this game is truly worth it.

Initially released in March 2021, It Takes Two has a score of 88% on Metacritic, while Steam has rated it a strong 7/10. The game is available on PC, PlayStation, and Xbox.

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