Top 5 most unsettling Fortnite skins

Image via Epic Games
Image via Epic Games
Amitesh Dhar

The unique selling point for Fortnite is the wide range of skins that players can use in the game. Some of the skins available are lovable and cute while some are downright scary.

Not everyone has nerves of steel, and despite the comic effects of Fortnite, some skins can give people proper nightmares too. And for those who don't get scared, these skins can double up as some interesting Halloween cosplay ideas.

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5 unsettling skins in Fortnite

#1 Teef

No one knows what this really is. Teef is just a pink blob in a black and white outfit. It just has a mouth with loads of ugly looking teeth. Not many players run this skin in Fortnite these days. It was last seen in the item shop in 2020. This skin is enough to gross people out.

#2 Peekaboo

This Fortnite skin is based on clowns and can trigger anyone with coulrophobia. For those who haven't already guessed it, coulrophobia is the fear of clowns, and many people suffer from it. On the brighter side though, the Peekaboo skin can be used for a lovely "IT" themed cosplay in Fortnite, or even a "Purge" themed cosplay for that matter.

#3 Big Mouth

It's big and it has a mouth, again with a lot of teeth. Big Mouth looks like an experiment gone bad. This creature loves to feast on frogs, an amphibian that seems to be abundant in Fortnite Season 6. The long red tongue that Big Mouth has adds to the creepy factor of this skin in Fortnite.

#4 Cuddle Team Leader

This skin resembles a cute pink bear, except that the bear has distorted eyes and a scar running down its left eye. Introduced in Chapter 1 Season 2, this skin can be purchased from the item shop itself whenever its available. Although this is a legendary skin, it returns to the item shop somewhat frequently. One look at this skin is enough to give players the shivers.

#5 Willow

What could go wrong when things involve a doll with buttons for eyes? For some reason, the Willow skin in Fortnite looks a lot like Samara from The Ring. In fact, players can still come across Willow in Fortnite Season 6. The only problem is that she comes out at night.

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