"That came out wrong": Twitch streamer ItsSliker gives HAchubby some awkwardly worded advice

ItsSliker accidentally words advice in a gross way, making HAchubby feel grossed out (Image via Sportskeeda)
ItsSliker accidentally words advice in a gross way, making HAchubby feel grossed out (Image via Sportskeeda)
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ItsSliker confused HAchubby with some awfully worded advice, causing a big misunderstanding between the two.

Abraham "ItsSliker" and HAchubby were both streaming together as she was visiting him and others while she was in the United States of America, a long way away from her home in South Korea.

While the two were at Sliker's desk, he thought it would be a good idea to give her some advice while she was sitting in his chair as a joke.

"There's one thing you shouldn't do: never sit on a guy's chair."

HAchubby interprets this as him saying men's chairs are dirty from certain "activities" they do while alone. She immediately shoots out of his chair, asking him why she shouldn't be sitting there to get confirmation on her thoughts.

"Why? Why?!"

ItsSliker accidentally grosses out HAchubby while trying to advise her jokingly

Sliker tried to calm her down by telling her she could sit down, saying that it was a joke while she kept asking why.

"No no, I'm just saying that's where I... You can sit, it's okay." / "Why?! Why?!"

Sliker looked over at his chat to see why she's so upset, noticing that many also thought it was a joke about masturbation. He then understands the miscommunication and tries to clarify what he meant while Hachu still refuses to sit.

"No no no no! No, I don't mean it like that, you can sit down, I swear! That came out wrong, that came out wrong! There's nothing wrong with it! I swear on my life there's nothing wrong with it." / "No no no, I don't want to!"

They then started telling each other to sit in the chair repeatedly until Hachu finally started to sit down. ItsSliker decided this was a good chance to mess with her, so right when she was just about to sit, he yelled out for her to stop.

"HAchubby, sit, sit... Oh, oh!!... Sit."

Fans reacted to this funny incident

Fans shared their reactions on Reddit, with some still not understanding the joke.

Some fans loved the two's stream together and hope to see them collaborate again soon, and with moments like this one, it's certainly easy to see why.

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