IWillDominate, Thorin, and Wickd open up about state of the jungle in League of Legends Season 11

IWillDominate, Thorin, and Wickd discussed the state of the jungle in League of Legends Season 11 (Image via Riot Games)
IWillDominate, Thorin, and Wickd discussed the state of the jungle in League of Legends Season 11 (Image via Riot Games)
Abhishek Mallick

The phrase “lost because of jungle difference” has been one of the go-to statements for League of Legends solo queue players after every match loss.

Junglers have been at the barrel end of criticism for some seasons now, and in League of Legends Season 11, the criticism towards this particular role seems to have reached an all-time high.

Blaming the jungler for everything that goes wrong in the game is becoming the new solo queue norm, while supports are expected to int and run it down mid every now and then just to look for a potential pick.

In a recent tweet, former professional League of Legends jungler turned streamer Christian “IWillDominate” Rivera opened up about the state of the jungle and support in Season 11.

IWillDominat suggested that even if a jungler plays out the laning phase “literally perfectly, make every correct pathing decision relative to your team,” he/she will still get flamed by a teammate in every game because of the lack of game knowledge.

According to him, supports, on the other hand, can do whatever they want in-game and run it down the mid lane over and over, and no one will care as that has become the growing norm.

Thorin and Wickd pitch in on the state of junglers in League of Legends season 11

In conjunction with the initial tweet, content creator and reporter Duncan “Thorin” Shields and former League of Legends pro top laner Mike “Wickd” Petersen also chimed in with their takes on the entire matter.

Thorin pulled in a comparison between G2 Esports jungler Marcin “Jankos” Jankowski and Fnatic’s support Zdravets “Hylissang” Galabov by saying that:

“Kinda says it all that Jankos gets flamed during splits he wins and Hylissang gets praised during splits he loses.”

Though both G2 and Fnatic dropped out in the playoffs, and neither made it to the League of Legends LEC grand finals, Jankos criticized a bit more than Hylissang, even though the latter had one of the highest death counts in the entire split.

Wickd, on the other hand, suggested that:

“All I understood from this tweet is that junglers are suffering due to them being overpowered. If jungle wasn’t overpowered, and their impact wasn’t one of the two highest, you wouldn’t have this problem. Therefore jungle and support should be nerfed.”

The former League of Legends professional top laner pointed out that in Season 11, especially, junglers are much more impactful than what they used to be. Taking objectives has become the name of the game, and because of this, junglers play an integral part in helping the other lanes get ahead and snowball the rest of the game.

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