“Why is it signed?”: Jschlatt reacts to being gifted a highly-questionable sweatshirt as Mizkif watches on

Jschlatt reacts to a controversial gift sent to him (Images via Twitch/Jschlatt)
Jschlatt reacts to a controversial gift sent to him (Images via Twitch/Jschlatt)

Jschlatt, the American YouTuber and Twitch streamer, was joined by Mizkif as he did his $10,000 unboxing on his livestream along with Alinity. In a recent clip, the streamer received a highly-questionable sweatshirt as a gift while Mizkif watched on. He was taken aback when he saw what had come in the mail.

He received a bunch of goodies and post boxes which were sent to him by viewers of Mizkif’s and his Twitch streams. He received things which included an industrial toaster which bakes pizza and bread, a box of some kind of prescribed drugs and so on.

But one particular item, a hoodie, turned the stream's mood. The incident did not sit well with viewers in his chat as well as with people on Reddit. After he found out that the gift was signed, he exclaimed:

“Who the f**k signed it!” Why is it signed?”

Jschlatt receives a controversial gift from a viewer

Jschlatt was an hour and a half into his stream where he was unboxing and reacting to gifts sent to him by his viewers. After unboxing a number of items that he had received. he went on to grab a bag of apparel which looked normal, albeit at first sight. As he continued to unwrap it, his mood completely changed.

The controversial gift in question was a jersey with the words "911" and "Bin Laden" written across its back. Additionally, it was signed by an unknown person.

Before Jschlatt revealed what the gift was to his viewers, Mizkif went on to clarify that he was not the one who had sent the particular hoodie. It was someone from his Twitch chat who had sent it.

“Okay, I didn't send this. This is my Twitch chat. I asked them and this dude named “Twonamedwalker” sent it to you.”

After he revealed what the jersey had written across it, he said:

“Are you f**king kidding me?”

When Mizkif realized what the streamer had received, he was stunned and said:

“Dude what! I swear it was the Twitch chat and they were the one who sent it, okay?”

He spoke over Mizkif and continued to say:

“What the f**k is your problem man?! You’re gonna give this to a New Yorker? I watched the towers fall you f**k!”

Alinity, who was present alongside Mizkif, could not stop laughing at the situation, while Mizkif facepalmed and regretted the entire ordeal.

The streamer later said that he would have tried it on, but he did not want to see it ever again and threw it behind him. He then continued to unbox other goodies which he had received.

Audience reacts to Jschlatt receiving the hoodie

Fans on Reddit were shocked when they saw the gift that the streamer had received.

Jschlatt is a 22 year-old American YouTuber and Twitch streamer who is primarily known for playing Minecraft. He is known for collaborating with various prominent figures such as Dream, CallMeCarson, Mizkif. He started his YouTube channel back in 2013 and currently has 3 million subscribers on his main channel.

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