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Junk Gun in Fortnite Season 6: Everything known so far

The upcoming Junk Gun in Fortnite (Image via @TweaBR - Twitter and Epic Games)
The upcoming Junk Gun in Fortnite (Image via @TweaBR - Twitter and Epic Games)
Modified 30 Mar 2021

The upcoming Junk Gun in Fortnite Season 6 can harvest objects into densely packed projectiles of junk that deal huge chunks of damage to enemies.

Based on the various leaks that have surfaced since the release of update 16.10 in Fortnite Season 6, the Junk Gun is expected to be introduced to the game very soon. Apart from giving players the benefit of never running out of ammunition, the Junk Gun is capable of dealing massive bursts of damage with each shot.

Additionally, the leaks have also confirmed that there will be three different variants of the gun - rare, epic, and legendary. All of these different variants are only distinguished by the damage each of them deals. Apart from that, all three variants of the weapon are identical, with the exact same magazine size as well as reload speed.

The damage dealt by each variant of the Junk Gun in Fortnite Season 6 are:

  • Rare-tier - 70 damage with each shot;
  • Epic-tier - 79 damage with each shot; and
  • Legendary-tier - 83 damage with each shot.

Here's everything that players need to know about the leaked Junk Gun in Fortnite Season 6.


Junk Gun in Fortnite Season 6

Despite all the leaks suggesting that the Junk Gun in Fortnite was supposed to be introduced with update 16.10, the weapon hasn't been added to the game yet. However, considering all the files that were mined by dataminers, it is safe to say that the weapon will be arriving to the game very soon.

Additionally, multiple reports had suggested that the Junk Gun in Fortnite will be an exotic-tier weapon. However, considering the fact that there's a rare-tier variant of the weapon, it could be available as random ground loot as well.

Whereabouts of the upgraded variants in Fortnite Season 6 are yet to be known. This could mean that upgrades for the Junk Gun will be available from specific NPCs in the game.

Having said that, until and unless the weapon is officially introduced into the game, it is impossible to speculate which NPCs might offer an upgrade for the Junk Gun in Fortnite.


On top of everything, the main question that remains to be answered is regarding the impact that this new weapon might have during close range combat in Fortnite. Given that the Junk Gun requires two seconds to harvest objects into ammo, players could witness a faster-paced gameplay once the weapon is officially unveiled in Fortnite.

Published 30 Mar 2021, 21:42 IST
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