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Where to find Dinosaurs in Fortnite Season 6: Raptor locations, damage stats, and other details

Dinosaurs in Fortnite Season 6 (Image via @CoreyOCroft - Twitter and Epic Games)
Dinosaurs in Fortnite Season 6 (Image via @CoreyOCroft - Twitter and Epic Games)
Modified 30 Mar 2021

Update 16.10 in Fortnite saw the introduction of tamable dinosaurs that deal massive amounts of damage to target enemies.

The introduction of these new animals in Fortnite Season 6 will definitely have a huge impact on the overall gameplay. Besides being able to deal massive chunks of damage to players, these dinosaurs in Fortnite Season 6 are also extremely fast, making it impossible for players to outrun these creatures.

Dinosaurs in Fortnite Season 6 deal 25-30 damage with each hit, making it extremely difficult for players to survive against a pack. Players who either have raw meat or the Hunter's Cloak in the inventory can easily survive against multiple dinosaurs without taking any damage.

Raw meat can be used to lure the dinosaurs away from the player, while Hunter's Cloak will allow the player to go completely undetected by these creatures.

Players can check out how to craft Hunter's Cloak in Fortnite Season 6 here.

Where to find Dinosaurs in Fortnite Season 6

Epic Games has ensured that players can find dinosaurs across the entire island of Fortnite. Players who are facing trouble in their quest to find one of these creatures can explore a few specific regions to have a better chance of finding dinosaurs in Fortnite Season 6.


These regions include:

  • Around the Spire Guardians
  • Inside Weeping Woods
  • Near the edges of the Primordial era-themed regions in Fortnite Season 6

Players can easily find dinosaurs at any random location in Fortnite Season 6. Although dinosaurs can be extremely lethal in Fortnite Season 6, players can gain a massive tactical advantage by taming one of these creatures in the game.


Aside from dealing massive bursts of damage to enemies that a player might run into, a tamed raptor also protects players from other wild animals in Fortnite Season 6. It is certain that the introduction of dinosaurs in Fortnite Season 6 will have a massive impact on the game's tactical aspects.

The next couple of days will determine the actual extent of the impact that dinosaurs will have on Fortnite Season 6.

Published 30 Mar 2021, 18:47 IST
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