Kai Cenat panics after lighting fireworks inside his house, gets scolded by his mother later

Kai Cenat burst a large firecracker inside his house on November 7, 2022 (Image via Sportskeeda)
Kai Cenat burst a large firecracker inside his house on November 7, 2022 (Image via Sportskeeda)

Twitch icon Kai Cenat found himself in a peculiar position after bursting a large firework inside his house during the November 7 livestream.

After a few failed attempts, the Twitch star made some modifications to the firework and placed it inside a pumpkin. The changes caused the fireworks to explode faster than expected.

Following the explosion, the American personality began to panic and yell as smoke started to fill his residence.

Kai Cenat's mother scolds him after he lights a big firework inside his house live on stream

Kai Cenat made some modifications to the firecracker and ended up trimming the fuse a little too much. As a result, the fireworks exploded almost instantly.

He was heard screaming after the explosion, with a minor shockwave dismounting and tripping the webcam.

The streamer's friends were not pleased with his antics, with one telling Kai Cenat that the fireworks had apparently made a large hole in a wooden table. Cenat exclaimed:

"Yo! That was so f***ing awesome, bro! Yo, that was the most awesome s**t ever! Yo! That was so f***ing awesome, bro! Holy f**k! That was so worth it. I don't know what happened, though."

Timestamp: 02:24:00

The content creator noticed his mother calling him ten minutes after the incident. His mother voiced concern about his shenanigans and began scolding him. She stated:

"Kai, tell me, what did I just watch? With all of that smoke and fire, right? The fire was a problem, right? What was all that blazing and you running and screaming? Kai, why did you have to; Kai did you; Kai, tell me!"

She started to tear up on the call and remarked:

"If one day, you're going to go too far, you know, like, one fire. This is all you heard me say all life. Growing up. Kai, Kai, why did you just lie to me? Kai, you knew I asked you to just now. You said to me. Kai, who's that guy? Kai, that guy who's with you?"

When the 20-year-old mentioned that he was accompanied by an individual named Chris. The streamer's mother then told him to open the windows:

"Kai, I need to know how to get inside right now. Kai, open the window! Kai, where's that? Kai, first of all, why did you lie, Kai?"

Timestamp: 02:35:30

Fans react to Kai Cenat bursting fireworks inside his house

The streaming moment was shared to the r/LivestreamFail subreddit, and the reaction thread quickly went viral. According to one Redditor, Kai Cenat allegedly cut the firecracker fuse twice and lit the fire on top of the charge:

Another community member speculated that the New York native might get suspended from the platform because of his shenanigans:

Here are some more relevant fan reactions:

This is not the first time Kai Cenat has set off fireworks inside his home. Earlier this year, the Twitch streamer went viral after he ignited fireworks upon losing an e-date.

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