"Keep this dude suspended": Minecraft fans believe ItsOwen should be banned permanently from YouTube for clickbaiting Technoblade's death

Various online communities continue to call out ItsOwen for clickbaiting Technoblade's death (Image via Sportskeeda)
Various online communities continue to call out ItsOwen for clickbaiting Technoblade's death (Image via Sportskeeda)

The drama surrounding YouTube content creator Owen "ItsOwen" continues. Minecraft fans feel the controversial YouTuber's channel should be permanently banned for clickbaiting YouTube legend Alex "Technoblade's" untimely demise.

In a conversation thread where the British content creator had appealed to YouTube to lift his channel's suspension, Twitter user SSF27 (@Redhog_27) expressed his wholehearted approval of the platform's decision.

@TeamYouTube @_ItsOwen One time a Team YouTube decision was justified, keep this dude suspended.

Twitter reacts to ItsOwen's YouTube suspension

Yesterday, online community members called out Owen's antics after he uploaded a deceptive video titled MrBeast Final Goodbye To Technoblade, which soon hit YouTube's trending page.

On July 4, Owen notified fans that his channel, which had 3.5 million subscribers, was "wrongfully" terminated.

Following his suspension from the video-sharing platform, esports caster and co-owner of Full Squad Gaming, Jake Lucky, posted an update on his Twitter account:

YouTuber ItsOwen had his account terminated following a video clickbaiting the death of Technoblade...

In the replies, fans confirmed that YouTube had reviewed Owen's appeal and decided to stay his termination:

@JakeSucky Icing on the cake: He appealed the termination, kept hounding YouTube for a response, and they confirmed the termination was warranted!

Fans were delighted to see the action taken by the YouTube staff:

@TweetingSonic @JakeSucky Youtube said we did not make a mistake you did 💀

Twitter users posted screenshots of the now-deleted tweet posted by Owen:

@TeamYouTube @_ItsOwen Big youtube W with the main tweet being deleted by Owen you love to see it

Some users took the opportunity to make light of the situation:

@JakeSucky owned, or shall i sayowened

Other community members posted screenshots of content creators clickbaiting Technoblade's death, raising awareness of a dangerous trend:

@JakeSucky Y’all been seeing these?
@JakeSucky just thought i'd point to another channel who clickbaited mr beast on technoblades death with a fake tweet and they're still chilling :…

Twitter user EMGG Fancy (@CharmanderFancy) stated that Owen was banned on multiple instances in the past, and also speculated that the latter was using bots to get huge amounts of subscribers:

@JakeSucky If you look through his twitter he gets banned frequently always claiming not to have a strike. I counted at least five or six times in the last year he was banned.

However, some people believed that the punishment was too harsh.

@JakeSucky A termination seems a bit too harsh. Deleting the video was literally all they had to do????

Twitter users justified the termination by stating that Owen had been banned several times in the past.

@Skadezy This is like strike 4 for him. He’s been banned multiple times before
@Skadezy @JakeSucky He has multiple suspensions before this, if u scroll through his twittwr it happens quiet often, maybe he does deserve it
@Skadezy @JakeSucky this is like his 3rd ban since May, for the same thing

Here are some other relevant fan reactions:

@JakeSucky honestly deserved
@JakeSucky I agree it’s dodgy af click-baiting that but seems a bit extreme. Just remove the video and give him a strike surely? I don’t know the user tho so I dunno if he’s done this sort of thing before? Seems to me like YouTube pick and choose
@JakeSucky How'd the dude get his 3.5 million subs in the first place?
@TDM_Jesus @JakeSucky little children and subbots

Who is ItsOwen?

ItsOwen is a controversial YouTuber who produces content related to Fortnite and uploads vlogs. The English content creator is notorious for clickbaiting, running scams, and self-promotion on various other small YouTube content creators' channels.

He began his online career in 2015, and several of his channels have been suspended from the Google-owned platform. His current channel, ItsOwen, was created in 2018 and has managed to amass over 3.5 million subscribers with 27 million video views.

At the time of writing, the following message came up while opening Owen's YouTube channel:

"This account has been terminated due to multiple or severe violations of YouTube's policy on n*dity or s*xual content."

Aside from his main channel, Owen also owns two other YouTube channels, titled Oboat and Recex.

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