Following IShowSpeed, Kai Cenat lights fireworks inside his house after losing an e-date

Kai Cenat had a fireworks battle after Adin Ross's e-dating show (Image via Sportskeeda)
Kai Cenat had a fireworks battle after Adin Ross's e-dating show (Image via Sportskeeda)

Kai Cenat has gone viral for lighting fireworks inside his house days after IShowSpeed gained notoriety for doing the same. Before the incident, Cenat was on Adin Ross's recent e-dating show, and he made it all the way to the last round.

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Kai Cenat is part of the YouTube digital content group AMP (Any Means Possible). The Twitch streamer is a veritable part of the group that is known for elaborate games between the creators inside the house. Games such as hide and seek and firecracker battles are quite common amongst the group.

Kai Cenat starts fireworks battle after losing on Adin Ross e-dating show

Cenat was participating in an e-dating show hosted by Twitch star Adin Ross, featuring the American rapper Rubi Rose. Kai went pretty far in the game but lost to another streamer, Chubi, in the final round. After saying goodbye, his stream abruptly cut to a black screen and fireworks could be heard in the background.

People in the house started shouting, and after the stream came back in a few minutes, the battle was on. Kai Cenat and his fellow creators started lighting crackers on the staircase inside the house, presumably aimed at the people who had started the fight. Kai was excited while unboxing roman candles:

"You wanna play? Let's f***ing play."

Many on social media have criticized Cenat for such reckless behavior. But it is a fact that the AMP group is known for their dangerous activities. In fact, the group was evicted from their last home after having a similar fireworks battle there.


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IShowSpeed's viral clip of him lighting a Pikachu firecracker in his room sparked a lot of debate about the way certain streamers end up doing dangerous things that can endanger themselves and confuse young impressionable viewers. Speed defended himself in a recent stream, saying that he has learned from his mistake by comparing his experience to that of a two-year-old:

"So now I know that fireworks hurt you. So now I stopped. It's growing up. You learn from your mistakes."

Social media reacts to Kai Cenat's fireworks battle

The clip understandably went viral in the r/LivestreamFail subreddit. Many were under the impression that they used fireworks due to the fact that IShowSpeed's clip had gone viral a couple of days ago and believed that the group was trying to capitalize on a new "firework meta." Some noted the dangers of showing such activities on stream, thinking people might now imitate it to increase viewership:

Fans of Kai Cenat, however, remain adamant that the AMP group, comprising of other famous YouTube personalities such as Duke Dennis and JustFanum, have been having fireworks battles for quite some time now:

While many noted the degree of property damage such shenanigans could inflict on a house, it is very true that lighting crackers in enclosed spaces is a recipe for disaster and a danger to human life as well. Twitch is yet to strike such behavior as something that "encourages violent acts," so there do not seem to be any serious repercussions.

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