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Karl Jacobs wants a BTS sweater, and the internet can't get enough of it

Image via Karl Jacobs
Image via Karl Jacobs
Modified 10 Jan 2021, 01:53 IST

When Karl Jacobs sees a fit he likes, he'll let the world know it and the world appreciates his taste.

Minecraft streamer Karl Jacobs is best known for streaming alongside another pro player named Dream. Recently, he has been going through BTS posts and stating that all he wants is to know where to buy the style that these boys wear.

Karl has commented on two posts from BTS and he hasn't been very vocal about any affection for the South Korean Boyband before this, so the fans of his that are also fans of BTS, are going wild.

Users are reacting to seeing this unexpected crossover and wondering if it could mean more in the future in terms of content or collaborations.

Karl Jacobs has recently been the center of online gossip and attention on Twitter, having been the focus of another news story involving Corinna Kopf, so this might be a way for him to get even more clout.


Whether or not he is truly into BTS or not, it is always good to see a streamer show interests outside of his regular scene. Fans of both Karl and BTS alike were also wondering how much goes into BTS and their style.

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Karl Jacobs chosen fit is undeniably expensive


Cheap is not something that any boyband in the world has been known for being and BTS is far from the exception. When any of their fans can find what clothes the boyband wears on a given day, it is always top designer material. In the case of this tweet, the fit is Dior, a high-end luxury and notoriously expensive brand.

Still, there is no doubt that Karl can afford this kind of merch. He is a popular pro streamer and friends with the well known MrBeast, so if Karl himself can't buy it, he certainly has friends that can. Some other users on Twitter have noted that their monetary situations are far different than Karl's.

While fans can appreciate it when a celebrity or popular streamer likes something that their fans like, it may be a while before BTS enters one of Karl's Minecraft videos.

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Published 10 Jan 2021, 01:53 IST
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