Karl Jacobs wishes for a Valentine's day miracle with Zendaya 

Image via Karl Jacobs and Zendaya
Image via Karl Jacobs and Zendaya

Karl Jacobs recently tweeted to actress Zendaya, asking her to play Minecraft with him. Fans jumped on it immediately.

Zendaya posted an image of herself for Valentine's day. In the tweet, she referred to herself as Marie. She was promoting her new movie "Malcolm and Marie" on Netflix.

Karl Jacobs commented on her tweet that it would be a miracle to play Minecraft with her on Valentine's day. Karl Jacobs is well known for reaching out to stars on Twitter. His requests are almost always the same.

Jacobs has found some success with these Minecraft requests to celebrities. He got a response from actress Victoria Justice. Other times, he was ignored, like with musician Ariana Grande. He always seems to win in the end because these tweets always go viral.

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Fans had mixed responses to Karl Jacobs' tweet.

Here are few on Twitter:

Some were clearly negative, dissuading Karl Jacobs from even trying.

Other Twitter users were just there for the ride and observing the situation with witty banter.

Even if Zendaya does not acknowledge his tweet, he got a lot of attention, so it's a win.

Karl Jacobs is very focused on networking

Karl Jacobs does not mind looking stupid for asking celebrities to play with him. His mindset is that the worst that could happen is they ignore him. The potential benefits of networking are far greater. This is admirable and a smart move.

Karl Jacobs has recently formed a friendship with Addison Rae and other streamers like Corpse Husband and Pokimane. This is a reflection of how open he is to making new friends. Even his flirtatious relationship with Corinna Kopf is due to his networking abilities.

Karl Jacobs' fans love these tweets, and that's all that matters in the end.

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