'Keemstar is human scum': Ethan Klein takes a dig at #DramaAlert host Keemstar and it instantly backfires

The Keemstar vs Ethan Klein feud rages on
The Keemstar vs Ethan Klein feud rages on

#DramaAlert host Keemstar and Ethan Klein of h3h3 Productions have been locked in a never-ending feud for months on end.

From the latter's 'Content Nuke' video to sponsorship-related issues involving Old Spice and G-Fuel, the internet has now become accustomed to the spectacle of two 30-something grown men constantly berating each other online. With their feud, battle lines were instantly drawn as the duo continued to exchange jabs online, with no clear winner in sight.

That was until recently when Keemstar accused Ethan Klein of far more sinister wrongdoings:

In the video posted on Twitter, Keemstar accuses Ethan Klein of promoting a 'psychopath' who had previously been de-platformed by Keemstar himself.

As a means to fuel his vendetta, Ethan Klein decided to promote this individual, called Britbong, who has a notorious reputation for harassing content creators online.

Ethan Klein responded to this by calling Keemstar - 'literal human scum':

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Keemstar vs Ethan Klein

In the video posted by Keemstar, he outlines the entire situation with Ethan Klein and the possible consequences of his stupidity:

"You started promoting this individual who claimed that I de-platformed him, which is kinda true and when you started promoting that individual, everybody reached out to you and said 'Don't do that, the guy that you're promoting is a psychopath'."
"He sends fake DMC takedowns to YouTubers, spams Twitch streamers... now you've built that guy up, he's jumping in discords, false flagging and harassing multiple creators."
"You're responsible for this, you dumb m**********r . That little thing that you were trying to use to hurt me is now hurting you...Dude how many L's can you even take?"

This seemed to have no effect on Ethan Klein as he has recently been on a blocking spree. He blocked Keemstar and another YouTuber, Jeremy Habley of TheQuartering.

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The latter recently released a video where he spoke about how Ethan Klein was single-handedly destroying everything he had built up:

"Ethan Klein has been on what can only be described as one of the slowest motion car wrecks in YouTube history. His channels are all stagnant, he's lost, in his words over 80 percent of his sponsors by his own doing due to his flame war with Keemstar and he continues to self damage by participating in this crusade that nobody cares about even more."

To get a better understanding of Ethan Klein's downfall, take a look at his subscriber count, which has been heading towards a steep decline lately:

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Another YouTuber Bowblax revealed how Britbong has a notorious history of flagging and threatening creators online:

Several from the online community reacted to Ethan Klein's decision to promote Britbong, who is known to be a proven troublemaker in the community.

Check out some of the reactions online:

At the end of the day, a Twitter user pretty much summed up the entire community's reaction to the Keemstar x Ethan Klein fiasco:

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