Keemstar reveals list of blacklisted words on Pokimane's Discord

Pokimane's discord has several words banned (Image Credits:
Pokimane's discord has several words banned (Image Credits:

24-year-old Imane 'Pokimane' Anys has endured a rather forgetful year so far, with mounting criticism being one of the major factors behind her recent decision to take a break from social media. She has been in the news for all the wrong reasons, having been called out for her hypocrisy and inability to take any kind of criticism.

The criticism has been so intense that Pokimane has several words banned from her discord servers. Fellow streamer Daniel 'Keemstar' Keem, with whom she has been feuding with, recently revealed the list of words which are banned from Pokimane's Discord.

Check out his tweet below:

The kind of words which are banned, including criticism itself, goes to show how averse Pokimane is to the entire concept of criticism.

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Pokimane bans 'criticism'

The words which are banned on Pokimane's discord range from 'Leafy' to 'Diesel', 'simp' to 'Gundam' and even the word 'criticism' itself. A whole other set of words, including the name of YouTubers who have criticised her, have also been banned from her discord servers.

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Even the phrase '2 out of 10' is banned, an outcome of Keemstar's tweet where he rated Pokimane a 2 out of 10.

Other banned words and phrases include 'Pokimane boyfriend', 'hypocrite' and 'tier 3'- all words which have recently been trending online, with regards to Pokimane and her army of fans.

Several YouTubers have actually begun taking speed runs to determine how fast they actually get banned, including one YouTuber called Tagswag.

In his latest video, he addressed the current Pokimane drama, including the #pokimaneboyfriend trending online, which led to mass outrage from her tier 3 subs. This was the outcome of a claim which YouTuber LeafyIsHere had made in his Content: Pokimane series.


Tagswag mentioned Pokimane's subreddit which is frequented by simps and also stated that he couldn't believe that an entire social storm was created just on the basis of claims made by Keemstar and Leafy.

Another YouTuber called Bowblax also shared his opinions on the fact that Pokimane has banned the word 'criticism'. He goes on to discuss in detail the entire list of words banned from her discord.

These banned words are I definitely expected Leafy, diesel patches, ItsAGundam...but some of these words can be used just in normal contexts like tier 3, hypocrite, criticism, has a boyfriend, just leaf, just the word leaf and reptiles and diss's too much!
I could never imagine being so averse to any comment on drama that you would ban words to this extent!

Check out his entire video below:


Reactions Online

Several people from the online community reacted to the news that Pokimane had banned a series of words from her Discord servers.

Check out some of the reactions which addressed Pokimane's list of banned words as well as her hypocrisy below:

As Pokimane takes a break from the immense criticism she has been facing on social media, the drama surrounds her continues to thrive with no signs of slowing down.

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