Keemstar’s retirement announcement could simply be one big troll, suspect fans

DramaAlert host Daniel Keem recently announced his retirement as the host of the YouTube channel (Image via Keemstar)
DramaAlert host Daniel Keem recently announced his retirement as the host of the YouTube channel (Image via Keemstar)

On October 25, Daniel “Keemstar” Keem announced his retirement as the host of the DramaAlert YouTube channel.

The announcement surprised most fans, as Keem has repeatedly claimed that he will never retire from the internet. The controversial YouTuber hinted that age might be one of the factors behind his retirement in the initial video.

Regardless, most of the community has expressed suspicion, claiming that the content creator might have made the announcement for clout. However, Keem contended that while he will still be on Twitter, the YouTuber is stepping down as the host of the DramaAlert channel.

Fans express suspicion over Keemstar’s retirement announcement

Keem started the DramaAlert channel in June 2014 and has to date, amassed around 5.77 million subscribers.

Regardless, it is currently unclear whether the internet star is actually retiring, with many people claiming that it might be a hoax to gain attention.

The matter is expected to be cleared up once the podcaster posts the explanation video that he has promised.

Daniel Keem’s retirement announcement

The 39-year-old initially announced his retirement on Twitter and claimed he would release an explanation video later the same day. Keem is one of the most controversial internet personalities around. He has been involved in multiple beefs with fellow creators in the past few years and was accused of racism and pedophilia.

Last year, H3H3 Productions’ Ethan Klein released a three-part video series exposing Keem’s toxic behavior. The YouTuber ended up losing a G Fuel sponsorship after the series was released, something that has now apparently snowballed into retirement as the host of DramaAlert.

In the video, Keem explained that he was actually retiring, although he will still be active on Twitter:

“I am retiring. I know I’ve said a million times that I’m never leaving the internet, that I’m never retiring, but I really am.”

The DramaAlert host did not talk about the specific reason behind his decision to retire but hinted that he was getting too old to keep up with the weekly podcasts. Regardless, the NY native is currently working on an explanation video, which he claimed will be posted on October 26.

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