"Kind of irrelevant": PewDiePie labels xQc's girlfriend Adept 'irrelevant'

PewDiePie called streamer Adept irrelevant (Image via adept thebest on YouTube)
PewDiePie called streamer Adept irrelevant (Image via adept thebest on YouTube)
Riddhima Pal

PewDiePie has made his name in the streaming community as one of the biggest streamers out there. Therefore, being recognized by the man himself is a huge honor for any streamer. Twitch streamer Adeptthebest received this huge honor last year when she came across a clip on her subreddit where PewDiePie spoke about her. However, she never could have guessed what he said about her.


In the video, Adept could be seen reacting to several videos and pictures her fans had posted on the subreddit. However, the PewDiePie clip certainly took the streamer by surprise.

PewDiePie stuns Adept with his opinions about her

The video clip titled "HOW COULD HE D:" immediately caught Adept's attention and she nervously started playing the clip. PewDiePie started off by saying that he had heard of Adept but had no idea what "he" sounded like. Adept seemed disappointed, but chose to see the positive in this situation too.

"It's okay, he knows my name though!"

However, PewDiePie then proceeded to roast her and called her "irrelevant," which left the streamer shocked.

"Why did he have to sa-, why did he call me irrelevant though?"

She continued to laugh awkwardly for the rest of the clip, but burst out laughing when someone in the chat informed PewDiePie that she was xQc's girlfriend.

"xQc has a girlfriend? That's impossible."

Adept found this statement very funny, and proceeded to agree with him, saying that xQc didn't have a girlfriend and that he had a "boyfriend" instead.

In the original clip, Adept proceeded to react to other pictures and clips posted on the subreddit, but returned to Pewds' reaction later on. Readers can watch the full video here.


Many fans of Adept believed that PewDiePie was being rather rude by calling her irrelevant. But Adept later confirmed that PewDiePie was being sarcastic, and that he often used the term 'irrelevant' as a joke. PewDiePie has previously referred to popular Fortnite streamer Tyler 'Ninja' Blevins and himself as "irrelevant" as well. Furthermore, PewDiePie only used the term 'irrelevant' because that's how someone in his chat described Adept.

She even went on to comment under her original post, saying,

"Hey youtube frogs, i think it was obv pewd was joking, i thought it was funny plz dont take either of us serious lolll"

At first sight, PewDiePie's reaction may have seemed a little extreme. However, with some context into the situation, fans could see the humor behind it. Furthermore, Adept herself seemed to find his reaction very funny.

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