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KSI follows in the footsteps of PewDiePie, as he quits Twitter amid transphobia scandal

Image via KSI & Twitter
Image via KSI & Twitter
Modified 26 Mar 2021

KSI is tired of all of the drama and cancel culture of Twitter and has decided to leave the platform, much like PewDiePie once did.

KSI was already upset that fans seemed to think he was transphobic. He had apologized and stated that he did not know that the word he used was offensive. This did not sit well with Twitter. KSI still received a lot of hate for his ignorance.

But he has had enough. KSI published a tweet about PewDiePie’s departure from Twitter before alluding to his own departure. The Tweet read:

“Now I understand why Felix left twitter. Man was ahead of the curve.”

Then, less than 20 minutes later, he released a statement on Twitter and left the platform. The statement read:

“Twitter used to be an amazing place where you could connect with people in different communities & communicate without any problems. Now it’s just full of pretentious people that are ready to cancel & destroy your legacy for breathing incorrectly. And on that note, I’m out”

This statement brings voice to what many don't like about cancel culture. As it is overused or used before all of the information is publicly available, it can be very one-sided and ineffective when it needs to be effective.


Even this tweet was filled with people being angry with him and calling him names. Although it is strange to see, it appears that KSI was serious, as he has not responded to anyone since.

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In the comments of KSI’s post are two camps, the ratio and the ones who hate them

It seems like there is a lot of hate toward people who only tweet to say "ratio" on Twitter. This is a sign that you’re getting a negative reaction or “ratio” if comments exceed retweets and likes.


It is unclear why this is so popular, but it appears in several of KSI's posts. It is currently unclear whether this is a temporary issue or may force many more big names to leave the platform.

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Published 26 Mar 2021, 00:10 IST
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