Minecraft stans want to cancel KSI for allegedly being transphobic and making edgy jokes

Image via Influencer marketing hub
Image via Influencer marketing hub
Amitesh Dhar

Minecraft stans have found a new individual in their crosshairs this time. It was none other than YouTuber Olajide William Olatunji, also known as KSI. Twitter tried canceling KSI because he made a few edgy jokes on live stream and was allegedly being transphobic.

This entire scenario was brought to light via a thread of tweets on Twitter by an individual who tried to make a case about KSI being a bad person. The individual brought up the content from Quackity's stream, where KSI and Floris, better known as Fundy, engaged in dark humor.


Minecraft stans try canceling KSI.

The tweet above contains a thread of tweets based upon which the individual labels KSI as transphobic. While few people on the internet voiced a similar opinion, some disagreed.

The internet went back and dug up what KSI had said or done previously, thereby calling him out for it. However, people change and aren't the same person they were in the past. Calling them out for what they used to be doesn't seem like a sensible thing to do.

Individuals on the internet have gone as far as blocking KSI on Twitter.

Users on the internet pointed out that KSI wouldn't be affected despite these individuals blocking him on Twitter.

Twitter folk attempted to cancel Fundy and KSI about this issue. The internet went as far as allegedly sending Fundy death threats.

While it's okay to disagree with or dislike someone on the internet, it's never okay to send someone death threats.

People on the internet also noted that some individuals love taking offense to anything without any particular reason.

People also responded to the situation by saying that not everyone can take dark jokes, but it's fine as long as they don't mean it. Jokes are meant to be taken at face value. Nothing more, nothing less.

Some people also tried asking the individual who started this thread about what she wanted to achieve.

Either way, streamers may display edgy humor, but their idea isn't to offend followers. With that said, everyone has their own levels of tolerance towards jokes. As mentioned before, jokes should be taken at face value. Ignoring displeasing jokes is probably the best option.

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