Political figure Lauren Southern banned from Twitch after airing old debate with streamer Destiny

Lauren Southern banned from Twitch after watching old debate with the recently banned streamer, Destiny (Image via Sportskeeda)
Lauren Southern banned from Twitch after watching old debate with the recently banned streamer, Destiny (Image via Sportskeeda)

Lauren Southern, a political content creator who has over 600k subscribers on YouTube, was banned from Twitch today for watching an old debate held between her and the recently banned streamer Destiny.

The two creators certainly aren't friends. In fact, they are almost as far apart as two people can get on the political spectrum, with Lauren being an alt-right conservative and Destiny being a social-democrat progressive. Their stances on gun control, immigration, and many other topics often don't align, which has been shown in multiple debates that the two have had over the years.

While the two may not agree with each other on most issues, they have held a mutual respect for one another, allowing the two to have conversations that don't devolve into screaming matches like most political debates do. This mutual respect is what compelled her to make a YouTube video about his recent ban, in which she talked about their history before diving into why this ban rubbed her the wrong way.


Lauren Southern purposefully gets banned to protest Destiny's perma-ban

At the end of the video, she made a call to action by stating that people who have been affected by Destiny should protest the ban, adding that she'll be watching her first debate with the streamer to purposefully get banned from the platform.

She said:

"I, for one, will be re-streaming Destiny and I's first debate on Twitch after I upload this video. If you don't know, re-streaming someone's content who has been banned is a violation of TOS (terms of service), but it's a rather worthy (ban) in my opinion. Adios, Twitch!"

As promised, she streamed the debate until she was temporarily banned from Twitch, sharing a screenshot of the email that notified her of the reasons for the ban.

Even though the two are on opposite sides of the political spectrum, it seems like Lauren Southern truly respects Destiny, or she respects him enough to put her Twitch channel on the line. Either way, her video prompted other streamers to join her in protest, but will any other streamers put their Twitch accounts on the line in the name of protest?

At the moment, it's unclear if any creators are passionate enough about the ban to do such a thing, but this very well could be the first of many to protest the indefinite ban that Destiny received.