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LeafyIsHere and Keemstar troll Ethan and Hila Klein of h3h3 Productions with release of new 'colour-block' merch

Keemstar and Leafy have teamed up yet again, to take on Ethan Klein
Keemstar and Leafy have teamed up yet again, to take on Ethan Klein
Modified 21 Sep 2020, 17:08 IST

One of the major ongoing feuds on the internet is currently between Ethan and Hila Klein of h3h3 Productions and beauty guru James Charles.

Recently, Ethan Klein accused James Charles of allegedly plagiarising his wife Hila's original design of a colour-block hoodie. Hila is in charge of a famous apparel line called Teddy Fresh, where she designs her own merchandise.

While the hoodie that Charles wore did indeed bear a strong resemblance to that of Hila's original, he brushed aside the allegations and opted to sort things out over DMs, which didn't exactly go according to plan:

While a section of the community came out in support of Ethan and Hila, there was another section who criticised them and were unsurprisingly led by Keemstar and LeafyIsHere, who both have a long-standing feud with Ethan Klein.

In an attempt to troll the Kleins, they both ended up releasing their very own exclusive merchandise!

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Keemstar and Leafy release new merchandise

Ex-YouTuber LeafyIsHere was the first to take shots at the Kleins as he decided to mock their plagiarism accusations by announcing the launch of a brand new colour-block hoodie on his website-

To add further insult to injury, he went on to tag the accused James Charles, whom he stated was his "co-collaborator":

Apparently, his hoodie design turned out to be a massive hit as Leafy later tweeted that his entire stock was on the verge of being sold out:

Seeing Leafy's brazen mockery of Ethan Klein, Keemstar was inspired to come up with designs of his own as he has been trolling the Kleins for quite a while now:


And if that wasn't enough, Keemstar continued to troll Ethan Klein by including a subtle reference to his feud with James Charles in the 'Completely Original' hoodie's description on his website -

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Image Credits:

With these recent actions, Keemstar and Leafy have only exacerbated their ongoing feud with Ethan Klein, who is currently locked in an online tussle with James Charles over the whole merchandise fiasco.

While Klein seems to be resolute with his allegations of plagiarism, Keemstar recently posted a clip on Twitter where he went on a rant and explained why James Charles had not done anything wrong:

"You can't take James Charles to court, colour-blocking is from the 90's, it was a 90's fashion thing that you guys brought back, that you copied you don't own it, anybody could do a colour block! You have no legal claim to colours or colour blocking!"

Irrespective of the stark difference in opinion, it remains to be seen what course the James Charles x Ethan Klein feud ends up taking eventually.

Published 21 Sep 2020, 17:08 IST
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