League of Legends brand new champion Milio: Full ability rundown and more

Full details regarding Milio
Full details regarding Milio's abilities in League of Legends (Image via Riot Games)

Milio, the brand new fiery support champion, was officially revealed by the developers of League of Legends on March 5, 2023. As it happens, his official theme, splash art, and his abilities were also revealed alongside the champion preview.

Hence, all abilities of Milio have been discussed briefly in this article. Milio seems to have become an instant hit as soon as his abilities and the developers released his lore.

He might become the next premier support in this game that rises to the top in both solo queue and the professional scene. Apart from that, his character design (visually) is also something that many fans have found extremely interesting and adorable.

Full details regarding Milio's kit in League of Legends

Milio will be a support champion and will specifically act as a healer. This means he will stand alongside Soraka, Sona, and Yuumi regarding viability in League of Legends.

However, apart from the healing, his kit also has a lot of utility which is essential for any support in the current day. Hence, a brief rundown of Milio's kit has been provided below:

Passive- Fired Up

Milio will enchant his allies, make them deal extra damage, and burn their enemies on their next basic attack or spell.

Q- Ultra Mega Fire Kick

Milio will kick a ball of fire onto the enemy. Upon hitting a target, the ball will bounce behind the unit and end up damaging and slowing down all the other enemies in the vicinity.

W- Cozy Campfire

Milio will create a small zone that will both heal allies and increase their attack range. Apart from that, this zone will follow whichever target stands closest to the point from which the spell is being cast.

E- Warm Hugs

An ally will receive a shield from Milio, enhancing their movement speed.

R- Breath of Life

Milio releases a burst that heals all targets in the vicinity and removes every crowd control effect from them.

Thus, it is safe to mention that Milio looks quite interesting as a support in League of Legends. He can heal allies, provide them with damage boosts, and deal with crowd control.

He seems like a support who will be a priority pick in both solo queues and professional games. Fans can expect professional players to put him in the S-tier when he becomes playable on stage.

In any case, the question of when Milio will arrive in League of Legends now arises. As of now, Riot Games has provided an official date for the champion's release. The developers have announced that Milio will come out in patch 13.6.

The developers will put Milio in the PBE (Public Beta Environment) once patch 13.5 goes out and then release him into the live servers in the following patch. Regardless, League of Legends fans must wait longer to get their hands on Milio. However, in the meantime, they can read his lore and other details on the universe page of the game.