League of Legends dev opens up about how the MOBA's subreddit inspired champion design

Image via YouTube
Image via YouTube

Gameplay design director Mark Yetter, aka Riot Scruffy, released a video where he spoke with Reddit Studios about various questions tied to League of Legends. Today at E3, Yetter gave some insights into the design process he and his team use to coordinate updates and hotfixes for the game.

Yetter answered questions that involved Reddit's platform as well, addressing the community that he involves himself with and uses to relay the latest information. Since Yetter ranks high in the MOBA game’s design department, the answers he revealed in the stream connect concepts deep within the League of Legends subreddit.

League of Legends' Mark Yetter talks about Reddit's influence on the game's design

One of the most popular questions that Reddit Studios asked Yetter was how the existence of Reddit impacted League of Legends. He was also asked if any design exists purely from the MOBA's subreddit.

Yetter approaches these concepts rolled into one by explaining how the subreddit is one of the game's best sources of feedback. He states that it's a solid, English-speaking environment that provides information from some of the game's most engaged players.

Image via Riot
Image via Riot

Typically, as Yetter mentions, the users on the League of Legends subreddit explain the most sophisticated types of feedback. From the looks of the stream where he answered this question, Yetter relies on this feedback to a decent extent.

The preview process for League of Legends showcases itself through the PBE system and the patch notes. Riot waits for reactions from players and feedback on sites like Reddit to construct their approach for the upcoming changes.

Yetter claims that Riot "definitely" uses the information on the subreddit to move forward with the patches for League of Legends. Every patch, along with hotfixes and PBE updates, is influenced by media outlets like Reddit and Twitter, making these social media outlets valuable for the design team.

Image via Riot
Image via Riot

Mark Yetter's stream also shed some light on other topics like upcoming changes, including the Tahm Kench rework with the next major patch. While League of Legends didn't have many big announcements for this year's E3, the Game Design Director answered some questions which the community was quite curious about for some time.

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