League of Legends LEC confirm firmware issues have been causing delays during week 1 of the 2023 Winter Split

Delays during League of Legends LEC has led to major controversy in the community (Image via Riot Games)
Delays during League of Legends LEC has led to major controversy in the community (Image via Riot Games)

League of Legends LEC 2023 Winter Split, during its first week has been subjected to several pauses and delays in between games. As a result, fans across the world have complained that delays have been getting annoying to deal with.

As it happens, the commissioner at Riot Games confirmed that the primary reason behind the delays has been firmware issues which basically means there have been several technical difficulties during the games which have taken a long time to resolve.

#LEC update:The delays over the past days are caused by an issue in firmware that is commonly used by our pros. The issue didn't appear during the rehearsals.We are using temporary measures for now, during the week will be working on a permanent solution. Ty for the patience!

In any case, he also clarified that since it was the opening week, the issues looked a bit extreme. However, in the coming weeks, the technical team at League of Legends LEC will be looking to resolve these issues so that the games can go a bit smoother.

League of Legends fans have been unhappy about analyst desk discussions in between delays at LEC 2023 Winter Split

The delays during matches at League of Legends LEC 2023 Winter Split have caused a lot of frustration amongst the fanbase. However, the LEC always tries to ensure that they keep the fans happy and engaged while the issues get resolved.

Hence, in between games, the LEC would often have extended discussions regarding teams on the analyst desk. Unfortunately, fans are not very fond of these discussions and have been consistently complaining about the analyst desk.

@arbykov Obviously I'm sure what ur saying is correct, I just don't understand how EVERY split without fail it must be the case that nothing shows up in rehearsals yet magically appears and causes hours of delays as soon as you go live.Must be more to it that absurdly bad luck surely?

The problem that happens is that during the delays, the analyst desk is forced to sway away from the topic and crack jokes or discuss irrelevant things in order to fill in the time. This is obviously expected since there is only so much analytical discussion that can be done.

Hence, most League of Legends fans got annoyed and have been requesting to remove unnecessary discussions from the analyst desk. Obviously, this is a controversial topic as the analysts themselves feel that their hands are also tied and they do not enjoy talking about irrelevant things.

@arbykov You should delete analyst desk as a permanent solution. Will reduce time between games.

In any case, apart from the information regarding the faulty firmware, the commissioner also clarified that the problems did not arise during the rehearsal phases. It was only when the stage went live that the issues started popping up.

In fact, one of the most common issues that players have been complaining about is the mouse skipping frames. This basically means that the player is moving the mouse normally, but the cursor is teleporting across the screen.

This is something that a lot of teams faced and that leads to a lot of questions regarding the credibility of the rehearsals. If the problems arise only on stage, it might mean that people who are in charge of checking the equipment are not that efficient.

@arbykov May I suggest to reduce analyst desk time between games when there are huge delays? It is valuable content, but the main content is the games, so if those are delayed, cut minutes from the desk to try to catch up?Delays are a pain especially now that some games are a weekday.

Therefore, League of Legends LEC as a whole came under a lot of criticism from the fans and they want the organizers to solve the problems as soon as possible. These delays have been one of the reasons behind a major drop in viewership as well since several people watching from home got bored of waiting.

The excessive delays led to the games getting pushed to very late in the night, which prompted those watching from home to close the stream. Hence, things need to get better this weekend, or else it could lead to problems that will affect the LEC as a whole in the long run.

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